uk media, bbc, transphobia 

NotInMyName: If ever you meant it when you said you wanted to support trans people: now is the time! | by jane fae | Aug, 2020 | Medium
‘The BBC has never been great friends to trans folk. Of late, the bias has intensified. Many people, not just within the trans community, are now asking: is the Beeb institutionally transphobic?’

uk media, bbc, transphobia 

To my recollection, Jane Fae is hardly a brick-throwing anarchist type, and has mostly been one to build, rather than burn, bridges. If even *she's* becoming concerned by the BBC's stance, it's because it's a clear and present danger to the community.

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uk media, bbc, transphobia 

@FuchsiaShock i think the writings been on the wall ever since that Women's BBC Whatsapp group leaked.

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