@FuchsiaShock I sometimes feel like people who write tweets like this have never opened a book on non-european history

@izarella I looked at your timeline and you are not a person I wish to interact with. Get out of my sight.

OCR Output (chars: 251) 

Spider (they/he) 2G = v

Me: *just knitting*

My brain: the easiest way to tell that
Star Trek was written by white people
is they say ‘where no one has gone
before’ but like 90% of the planets
they go to are inhabited

@steko it's already got an image description which i typed out, no need for ocr bot

@FuchsiaShock Hahaha, well, they were replacing "man" very openly which I would expect to have been shorthand in TOS for "human" which seems more fair. No human has been there before, and the writers changed the intro to suit the audience of the 80s. But there's pleeeeeenty of other examples, especially of white saviorhood and primitives as kind of default episode of the day encounters.

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