dude, your girlfriend is awesome and you don't deserve her

@FuchsiaShock Yeah lol, she sounds pretty rad, the only thing he should maybe worry about is structurally unsound buildings or toxic materials in urban exploration (like dont walk into a room with the floor covered in asbestos... whoops).
If he's worried about her getting catched, can't he go watch out for cops? xD

@FuchsiaShock It's amazing how many of these reddit relationships posts are basically some guy saying "my girlfriend is really cool and I don't like it"

Like, dude, just break up with her. You're obviously hella boring. Also, please give her my number...

@FuchsiaShock Presumably the replies were stacked with requests for her to contact them? ^_^

@FuchsiaShock So somebody who is "decorating" political ads of a certain type in a certain way (which narrows the location for those who care to look) also sells stuff of a certain type on a given website (again, localized) and is also into trespassing (look for fingerprints).

Whatever state attorney eventually gets her in court will thank her boy"friend" for this triple-whammy. *shakes head*
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