terfs, uk media transphobia 


I really recommend that people who aren't trans read this. Trans people will mostly already know it because we've lived it. I came out in 2012, just in time to suffer through the worst of this shit.

When I came out, I decided to use twitter just to talk to other trans people about stuff. My twitter account grew from nothing in 2012 to almost ten thousand followers by the time I shut it down in 2018.
I had to shut it down, because though I had been targeted right from the start, an account that size means you're on the radar of every bigot with a twitter account, and people from dedicated harassment sites compile dossiers on you and funnel more abuse towards you, abuse that doesn't just stay online. So, as much as I felt like I was letting them win by doing so, I had to retreat from my public presence.
The bigots with newspaper columns might bellow from their public platforms about how they're being silenced, but what I experienced is what silencing actually looks like.

@FuchsiaShock thank you for sharing this article and also about how terrible your experience on Twitter was. I'm sorry you have to suffer through such bigotry.

just read the article.

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