police when women receive death threats online: what's Twitter? :blobcat:
police when someone sets a police car on fire: okay we'll take a still of the footage, enhance the image of that tee, and search Etsy until we find this fucker :blobcatcomfcool:


@FuchsiaShock @policeinchains@mas.to On a related note, if participating in this kind of activity in Minecraft, please procure some longsleeve T-shirts, regular T-shirts for full face masks, gloves if you have hand tatoos, and inconspicuous pants

@FuchsiaShock they definitely got their priorities straight.
straight-up fucked that is

@FuchsiaShock It says much more that people don't think about web tracking and finger printing. She had quite unique shirt and tattoo.

@FuchsiaShock also, it's pretty obvious parallel reconstruction where they figured out who the person was in an illegal way and could work the public information from both sides

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