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@FuchsiaShock Furthermore, it doesn't matter how the item works or looks. It gets results, it's in the meta, and the stats are good, dammit


What's the mortality rate? 0.1%? This is like arguing I should wear plate mail when driving.

@vandys @FuchsiaShock In the US the mortality rate is currently 5%. In Italy it's 15%. coronavirus.jhu.edu/data/morta

Wear your God damn mask.

@FuchsiaShock I encourage everyone to read the real guidelines: who.int/emergencies/diseases/n

Tl;dr: Wear a mask to protect others from yourself.

Thinking that simply putting some mask on will magically protects you from a disease is foolish and that misinformation must not be spread.

@dmbaturin it's more about protecting others, yes. but, like, i can protect others from a pandemic for the small inconvenience of wearing a mask. why would anyone not do that?

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