animorphs is available for free and ka applegate is a trans-supportive parent, so there's no excuse for letting your kids read harry potter

@FuchsiaShock the best part is the end of animorphs where it's like oh you wanted a happy ending? there isn't one because wars don't have happy endings goodbye

@FuchsiaShock tumblr post:
Screenshot captions:

A tweet:
Fuck Harry potter I'm going back to animorphs, is KA Applegate a terf? I bet not

tweet from KA Applegate replying to someone else:
Thank you for this. I'm the parent of a trans woman, age 20, and I'm grateful for your powerful words

Then the free real estate meme with the man saying "it's free animorphs"

Book covers:
One and only Ivan
Home of the Brave


@FuchsiaShock Is available where? I remember having two of these books! (I've lost one unfortunately)

@FuchsiaShock there have to be less traumatic ways of giving your children a proper furry education

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