Brexit Referendum: 52% vote to leave EU, in a poll marked by numerous irregularities

Tories: 'We must respect the result'

Gender Recognition Act reform: Despite 2+ years of scaremongering from factions of all parties in EVERY major newspaper (plus the Morning Star) AND a concerted attempt by anti-trans bigots to spam consultation responses with transphobic talking points, 70% OF THE BRITISH PUBLIC SAY THE PROCESS OF LEGALLY CHANGING GENDER SHOULD BE MADE EASIER

Tories: 'We believe the consultation responses have been skewed by trans people and therefore will not respect the result'

@FuchsiaShock what's that saying about the legality of voting again

@FuchsiaShock wow, didn't know that Britain had 20+% trans people /s

@FuchsiaShock i'm noticing an uptick on terfy bullshit from the so-called "left" and trans rights rollbacks from governments outside the uk/us as well... i mostly follow spainpol and it has been a trashfire lately

@strnom yeah. and cis 'allies' seem REAL FUCKIN QUIET

do they know how democracies work....
this is like a kid caught in hide and seek trying to redefine what "being found" means

@grainloom @FuchsiaShock The Tories are basically the Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged version of Kaiba: "Screw democracy! I have money!"

@FuchsiaShock I've said it enough fucking times, but "Poll skewed by people who are affected by result"

@FuchsiaShock the government will always do whatever it wants, if voting did anything it'd be illegal

@FuchsiaShock Well, we all know they don’t like listening to people who’re actually affected by things. Or... anyone other than rich old white cis dudes, really

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