@FuchsiaShock the nicer “here’s the thing, you called a jackdaw a crow...”

@FuchsiaShock All this time, I thought "rook" was a synonym for either crow or raven.

@FuchsiaShock this is a wonderful image, thanks!

do you happen to know where I can get identification advice for corvids on the western shores of north america? We have some big black ones in our neighbourhood and I don't want to mis-corvid them

@FuchsiaShock @sb_51_ On est d'accord que Crow = corneille et Raven = corbeau ? (Je me suis toujours perdu dans cette traduction 😕 )

@FuchsiaShock wouaouh great picture! thanks for the english terms that's great!

In France we have another buddy, the Alpine Chough! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alpine_chough

And Choughs are rare and mostly in the alpine mountains too.

If anyone is interested here are the french names of all these magnificent birds, from top left to bottom right: Corneille, Grand Corbeau, Corbeau Freux, Choucas des Tours, Crave, Corneille mantelée ( uniquement très à l'Est proche Allemagne), Pie, et Geai des chênes!
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