'marketplace of ideas'
imagine a world where people are so hopelessly trapped inside capitalist thought processes that even the very concept of ideas must be thought of in terms of a marketplace

@FuchsiaShock I saw this and the preceding toot boosted back to back, in chronological order, by two separate people, and I think that just shows how God damn right you are

@FuchsiaShock yeah, because imagine having a bad idea, god forbid, what would you do? you can't sell a bad idea!

the artificial reef of ideas
the wildflower garden of ideas

🚨🚨🚨 "Idea" has been classified as a highly dangerous word. People simply cannot be allowed to have them!!!

We have stricken this dangerous and old-fashioned term from the record, and replaced it with the new, hip (and fun!): "content".

The terms "library" and "community" have also been banned. From now on, please use:

"Content marketplace" describe any function related to the exchange of allowable thoughts. Better yet, take this pill. Everything will be fine.

~ Big Bro

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