*checks profile* Self-labelled libertarian. Because of course you are.
I kinda pity these guys. Though I pity those who are forced to interact with them on a daily basis much more.

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Literally zero toots that aren't responses to other people's toots. Oh wow. This guy just lives to quarrel with others.

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@FuchsiaShock I went and found the article and I am actually stunned by the lack of critical thinking on display in there

@udell_games Good to know the writer had a quality education lol

@FuchsiaShock I've heard that shitty attitude from people who've already graduated ("I had to pay, so fuck you!"), but never from a current student. Of course, I feel like this kind of article could easily be astroturfed -- possibly a real student, but one paid by a rightwing think tank to write crap like this, possibly with a guaranteed job as a huckster after graduation.

@ink_slinger Looking at the rest of the content this writer has put out, I'd say that's exactly what's been going on here. I have however also had this kind of thinking appear in the responses to this toot, from totally unpaid people who've just got extremely rotten attitudes.

@FuchsiaShock This feels like this argument I saw on facebook from a cousin where she didn't want the minimum wage raised to 15 dollars an hour (she was making ~ 9, and I think she was an EMT or something? definitely bullshit amount if true) because she'd gotten a raise and that'd make her raise meaningless.


reasonable people: wow I suffered through this and it was awful, if I can it would be good to make sure other people don't suffer like that

whoever the fuck this is:

@aldersprig Sometimes my autistic ass despairs at people's lack of empathy.

@FuchsiaShock so I didn't get that trolley problem joke at first because it just sounded like such a wild train of thought, but now there's an example of it being used in the wild...

@FuchsiaShock I don't think the author realizes that college is so expensive because it's another giant economic bubble caused by years of decadence and curriculum inflation.

@FuchsiaShock This reminds me how taxi driver licences worked in France until a few years ago. Something that was free, but limited in number, so there was long waiting queues (up to 15 years), and as a consequence new taxi drivers would have to pay a large amount of money to get a licence from someone else (since it was possible to sell a licence a few years after holding it).

When discussion about reforming this system started, taxi drivers who paid a lot for a licence complained about how they feel reforming was unfair.

@FuchsiaShock it's weird how like... you can *say* "reply guy" but looking at those 2 tabs on their profile is just something else...

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