@FuchsiaShock this is the strongest hope message I've seen in a while

@FuchsiaShock I think this succinctly captures why it’s important whether things are said in euphemisms or blatantly



(I worry their propaganda is *why* the situation is hopeless, tho)

@solder_on i see your point. but i think the key thing is that the people making that propaganda need us to feel like the situation is hopeless. so we probably shouldn't believe that.


(I'm more concerned about the key factor about how 99% of everything is basically in the hands of twenty people on earth; propaganda is just news now, and at the point every paper is Pravda, there isn't really any truth left that doesn't get squashed quick)

(I'm not saying we shouldn't push; I'm just saying that the fash wouldn't be putting out propaganda if it wasn't enormously powerful)

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