@FuchsiaShock idk but I tried to pay my rent in lattes and my landlord would not accept the payment.


rich person: they're not yachts, they're racing boats. so your point is invalid

world: 🤦‍♀️

@FuchsiaShock there seems to be a grave misunderstanding here: owing more yachts doesn't cut into a rich person's wealth. it just transforms it

otoh, paying all of their thousands of employees a living wage *does* cut into a rich person's wealth, making them potentially poorer! (if their employees didn't manage to increase profits, as is their god given duty.)

@FuchsiaShock In the US is will be if we can just manage to elect someone like Sanders, Warren, Yang, or someone with a track record of fighting for the people.

Otherwise, it will continue to be, "Stop with the latte and iphones."

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