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"Madden is among a number of transgender and non-binary Canadians who say they were blindsided by voter cards addressed to their deadnames — the birth name of someone who has changed it. She posted about her experience on Twitter, joining a number of other voices telling similar stories."

Canada, the UK, the USA, all are working hard to make voting unpleasant or impossible for trans people.
My theory: They don't want us voting because we don't tend to vote conservatively on social issues. And even the liberal and centrist politicians want to campaign strongly to those conservative positions.
We're outside the overton window.

'Meanwhile, Chelsea [Clinton] came down firmly in support of trans rights throughout the conversation, repeatedly throwing a “furious stare” at Aitkenhead [interviewer for transphobic Murdoch shit-rag The Sunday Times] over her questions.'

'While Hillary was attempting to stake out a neutral middle ground in the conversation, her comments inadvertently sound similar to rhetoric espoused by trans exclusionary radical feminists (TERFs), a subset of feminism which refuses to recognize the womanhood to transgender women. Whether she realizes it or not, similar arguments have been used to oppose equal protection for trans people for decades.'

TERFs, nazis 

what did i used to do before i played videogames? oh yeah i played with toy cars and lego and dolls and action figures. which thinking about it, is basically all i was doing in the videogames

tfw you would normally play videogames but you're kinda bored of it and suddenly you realise you never do anything except play videogames, that's all you do

it's literally a long standing popular mainstream television show on a major channel

seriously. if HIGNFY is your bar for what subversive is... oh boy.

oh jeez. on the dating apps again.
just seen someone saying they enjoy have i got news for you because it's subversive. okay karen that's a nope

muldar: "skuly a alien did this"
skuly: "i am skeptical that a alien did this"

making friends with fascists is a way of combatting the darkness within ourselves apparently


omfg i have had it up to here with liberals

they're going full galaxy brain and telling me that we need to befriend bigots instead of distancing ourselves from bigots because "we can't rid others of the darkness in themselves but we have to not give in to the darkness in ourselves"

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