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grace petrie - they shall not pass

never gonna stop posting this song

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Deceptive tory ads on YouTube are unblockable and unreportable. Google is assisting in election fraud.

Is Satire Dead? | Edgelords vs Bo Burnham

The excellent @shonalika looks at dark and edgy humour in the context of its territory being staked out by nazis and the resultant retreat by many from using such humour.

dwp bullshit, ukpol, tory policy 

ukpol, tories' dirty election tactics 

🎶 It's beginning to feel a lot like FUCK THIS 🎶

Non-Binary Person Teaches This Hateful Parent Tolerance And Their Text Exchange Goes Viral | Bored Panda

They're doing a lot of other people's emotional labour for them. That's OK, but don't expect all of us to start doing other people's emotional labour.

Oh no. It's happened. I heard Mariah Carey.

How the hell does Snyder keep getting work? Who does he have dirt on?

And it's three fucking hours long. And it feels like five.

So I decided to watch some of the DC movies.

The problems with them are manifold.

Batman vs Superman is what I'm watching at the moment. It literally requires you to believe that the near omnipotent Superman and the world's greatest detective Batman are both complete idiots.

Pronouncing the 'man' in Batman like the 'man' in postman or highwayman gives me way too much pleasure for such a little thing.

results of trauma? 

and transformers. and the science fiction i read as a child. its like a part of me is stuck in 1985

im still obsessing over little die cast cars, slot cars, and radio control cars. im gonna be 40 next year

oh shit I just remembered I have vegan chili left over and I can eat it later

that's perked me right up

Transphobic murder, prison, death penalty 

Transphobic murder, prison, death penalty 

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