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grace petrie - they shall not pass

never gonna stop posting this song

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is that a silent p, in which case it would be pronounced 'sob'?

who wants to come play 'psobb' as the fans call it?

spent all evening playing phantasy star online on the pc because i just found out there's still a server for that that's community-run and you can download the gane for free

would absolutely love to see a remake of or (spiritual) sequel to this one.

you can freely move from one planet to another through a web of warp gates, and everything you did there persists. which is good, because sometimes you meet a challenge that you can't overcome without something you need from another planet.

it's exactly the kind of game i would have absolutely loved back when it came out, but somehow i utterly missed it.

it appears to have been reviewed not too well at the time, but i'm rather enjoying it thus far.

infestation (2000) by frontier developments (yes, the developer of the elite games) for playstation and windows.

currently playing this, where you control a buggy that can change form (including a flying form), use different weapons, and carry scientists to send out to research tech from enemy vehicles/installations so you can manufacture upgrades for your vehicle.
how did I never know about this game? it's quite good fun. and you can find it on abandonware sites.


everyone deserves some love, without exception*

*except nazis**

**exception that proves the rule

landlords are vampires, and not the sexy kind, they're the nosferatu kind

one of the koch brothers died?

ha ha

the world is a tiny bit better today

watching youtube videos of other people playing dnd is good, but i suspect i'll be playing soon myself. uh oh

hmm. i thought i was on a discord server where creeps were warned about, but i just opened up discord and had a look and i can't find it so i'm obviously no longer on that one.

seriously, i don't keep up with drama and i don't really do discord much, so i'm not gonna know if someone i interact with is a creep. if you see me doing so, i'd appreciate being told about it so i can then not do that.

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