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grace petrie - they shall not pass

never gonna stop posting this song

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that feeling when not one, not two, but THREE timesuck free-to-play mmos have got their hooks in you

there's crop top selfies all over my timeline right now and i'm very here for it.

can i just say

♥ ♥ ♥ G I R L S ♥ ♥ ♥

i mean, yeah, she's like, TOO pretty, but so is everyone in arrowverse, so.

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just getting elbow deep into season 4 of supergirl, and holy fuck it means so much to me to see a trans character in this show.

when you go from warframe to destiny and keep throwing grenades and doing this odd little hop onto the grenade because you're trying to bullet jump

covid, youtube link, media crit 

trans dragons' odyssey sounds like a game i'd play the heck out of


i used to think those windows colour schemes were gross, but now they're kinda cool

is this A E S T H E T I C S

playing destiny 2 for the first time in months:
"oh wow this is new narrative content, and i haven't paid for it. nice. i like where this is goin-"BOOM PAYWALL

why does my heart go like that and my mouth spread into an gormless grin when two women express romantic love for each other

hi, we're google! we and your mobile phone network maintain our business model by now collaboratively MAKING YOU FUCKING PAY TO WATCH ADS

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seriously, youtube ads could take up more of my data allowance than the videos i actually wanted to watch in the first place. fuck that. that youtube app can fuck off. maybe newpipe has improved since last time i tried it.

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no youtube, i do not want your unskippable interstitial ads to be in high definition when i'm specifically choosing to watch videos in 360p to save on data you fucking scum

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