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grace petrie - they shall not pass

never gonna stop posting this song

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wild that cishet guys think eating meat is super hetero
ive seen lots of vids of guys eating meat and none of those looked very hetero at all

i hesitate to call this a pooptoot
but what i did that inspired it was definitely a pooptoot

hello darkness my own ass
why did my bed you fill with gas

and why did I then go peeping
under the sheets where i was sleeping

and the stench, that was planted in my duvet... still remains
within my now, dutch oven

theaudience - Pessimist Is Never Disappointed

Sophie Ellis-Bextor before she went solo

Pulp - Do You Remember The First Time?

This track is twenty six years old. Fuuuuuuuuuuck

There’s a video posted on the official White House YouTube page calling homosexuality the devil’s work - MarketWatch

Church and state separation needs to be enforced right fucking now and very fucking harshly so that this kind of christofascism is no longer possible.

Jessie Gender - Watchmen & The Cruelty of Masks

I reckon Jessie's videos are getting better all the time.

i got it when the vine kids did stuff, but i don't get it when the tiktok kids do stuff. i have become old

To be a 'realist' who's not 'in a bubble' you need to ignore all the scientists and only listen to people who don't want to believe the evidence. That's how to be a 'realist', apparently.

People Make Games - Meeting Blitzchung, the Hearthstone pro banned for his politics

2019: Sophie Labelle's Assigned Male comic making a damn good point

disturbing imagery/concepts 

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