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making friends with fascists is a way of combatting the darkness within ourselves apparently


omfg i have had it up to here with liberals

they're going full galaxy brain and telling me that we need to befriend bigots instead of distancing ourselves from bigots because "we can't rid others of the darkness in themselves but we have to not give in to the darkness in ourselves"

Great gaming experiences: When you're driving around in your 80s Porsche in Forza Horizon 4 and this comes on the radio:

Not often you get to see a censorship happen in real time.

Wow, Jim Sterling's latest video where he criticises Chinese totalitarianism and ends by criticising Trump's fascism and jokingly asking YouTube not to take it down because of that last bit, just got taken down literally while I was watching it?

i don't know who needs to hear this but hating people who drive a prius is not a substitute for having a personality

Murder by police 

Just spent a fiver on ebay buying Forza Motorsport 1 and 2 because I want to go back and play them after realising I enjoy Forza Motorsport 4 more than any of the current Forza games.

Batwoman Is Getting Review-Bombed On Rotten Tomatoes

Imagine being so much a pathetic wretch that you take part in review bombing a film you've never seen just because the main character is a lesbian.

Oh don't worry Ellen, I'm sure you'll be friends with him if you give it a few years

i just want useful skills that i can provide to a community and then others in the community can help me with their skills that i don't have

fuck your capitalist bullshit

capitalism done fucked you all up and got you tricked bro

when i said i was learning witchcraft people started saying oh you could charge people to read tarot cards and i'm like how fucking dare you i didn't start learning this to exploit it for money

there's lots of things i would like to know how to do for myself and possibly for other people but if i get those skills i don't want to use them to make the world worse, i want to use them to make the world better

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