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One of those "Would you like to donate..." prompts when you use your credit card at the grocery store except it ends with " our effort to cancel men once and for all."

When Mastodons roamed the earth this is what we looked like.

Watch ur fucjing backs humaans.

Can't wait to flex on the prosecuting attorney tomorrow.

My foreman's reaction to my jury duty notice. Everyone talks trash UNTIL THEY NEED THE FERRET!!!

Jizz is the best sauce, guys. C'mon now. Very obvious.

Don’t trust anyone who ignores side quests.

β€œHelp me find my mother!”

Fuck yeah let’s do this.

Blaming Marx for everything Stalin did is like blaming Darwin for Hitler's death camps.

*very Eddie Money voice* "I've Got! Two Tickets to Ferret-dise!"

for twenty years the CIA operated out of its parent’s basement until its mom found out about COINTELPRO and kick they ass out on the street and now the CIA is a crust-punk

I wanna make a ferret ebooks but I know it would become 100% problematic.

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