Be the monster girl you wish to see in the world.

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garf is raging at Jordan Peterson again, don't worry about it Show more

Screaming "baby!" like Seal does in "Kiss From a Rose" in the middle of a crowded bus.

Shidding in the highschool football team captain's brand new cleats.

@Ferretsyndicate one way or another humanity will keep reinventing either hentai or homestuck

Me and my tech startup coworkers spent all day in a brainstorm session w/ what we thought was a brilliant idea, until we realized we reinvented Hentai AGAIN.

How does this keep happening?

My memoir, "Kickflip w/ Conviction: How to Pound Your Haters Into Dust," goes on sale on the 26th. So excited.

the thing is, is that i am handsome but i also have those cartoon stink lines eminating from me every day

"Uhhh I listen to Nickelback, so I think I MIGHT know a thing or two about 'high art,'" I snidely shot back at the museum tour guide.

happy earth day everybody!! do your part and cannibalize an oil exec or two today

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