Finally, Paw Patrol gets called out for the fascist fucks they are:

Editor's note: notice there's not one ferret in Paw Patrol.

@Ferretsyndicate You know when i first saw people make jokes about Paw Patrol being essentially propaganda I thought it was a definitely a meme meant to poke fun at the cop dog but now having read multiple summaries of its actual content I'm like... concerned this isn't an elaborate internet joke this is an actual thing. I have two nephews that would be the exact age range to be into cartoons like this so I'm just

@Ferretsyndicate @bryn Ugh yes. This show teaches kids to be a “community helper”, which would ring a lot more true if the leader dog wasn’t a fuckin’ cop. The frustrating thing is it wouldn’t take very much modification to be about actual community help and working in common to take care of each other.

My kids were way into this show and I know all the characters’ names and shit. It’s not great. We haven’t watched this new super hero thing and I hope we can avoid it.

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