I don't think a lot of people comprehend how much a billion of something is:

@Ferretsyndicate "if you started earning 50 million dollars a year, guess how long it would take you to reach Jeff Bezos level. Two thousand eight hundred and eighty years"

Hearing it framed like that literally made me choke

@paranoid @Ferretsyndicate Very nice way to carve it up.
50M$ is already disgustingly obscene.

@paranoid @Ferretsyndicate


don't forget considering a year 365.25 days because of leap year

(almost a billion.... correct. roundings fine) - yahoo

Close enough, obviously.

@Ferretsyndicate (Redrafted, had my math wrong)

If a 12 inch ruler = $1 million
An American Football field ~$1 billion

@Ferretsyndicate I've been looking for this comparison of number for a while but didnt remember enough to get good searxh results. So yeah. There it is. That a a very understandable way to put it

@Ferretsyndicate typically billionaires don't actually have billions of dollars, they own assets which are worth billions of dollars such as shares in companies. What do you suggest, that they are made to reduce their shares?


The fosstodon billionaire defender has arrived. But thanks for telling me something I already knew.

@Ferretsyndicate I was responding to the contents of the Tumblr message rather than you. But thanks for the block, that'll save me time in the future

@Ferretsyndicate Yeah, it's striking how much MORE money billionaires have than millionaires. I think the key point is that these people have more money than they can spend, even if they were trying. Having money that you don't need even to cover *desires* much less needs -- money that's literally just there to pad out your net worth number and nothing else -- when other people are literally starving to death is just not ethically defensible.

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