[ME]: *says something*

[RANDOM PLEROMA ANIME AVI]: *ridicules what I said*

[ME]: "Wow, that's condescending."

[RPAA]: "Why? Debate me now about the definition of "condescending" and other words I used so I can gaslight you."

[ME]: *mashes that mf'ing blokk button*


You must hate free speech 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

So over these chuds ;) And I kid of course. Fuck these people.

@esvrld @Ferretsyndicate Only because leftie anime fans have been pushed out and many choose to hide instead of pushing back.

@KitsuneAlicia @esvrld

Yeah, the anime avi jokes are never directed towards folx like you, Kitsune, or Anna--it's mostly just sarcasm meant to rile up the insufferable, pretentious rightwing anime avis that we say stuff like this. I've always had a lot of anime avi mufos.

It's just those damned alt right nazis who always use schoolgirl avis that border on loli who we're talking about.

@Ferretsyndicate @esvrld Right. I know. But it can easily be misconstrued, so it's probably best to find a different way to identify these jerks. That's all I was getting at. Carry on, and let's go get these assholes!

I think you're two years late to the "Pleroma is for Nazis" meme


Wasn't aware it was a meme. Thought it was just a known thing. And they were from the same instance as you.

Oh, I see
This thread is so embarrassing to you it's funny. You insulted someone and then repeatedly made stupid arguments before blocking them. Then you subtoot them while repeating this "Pleroma is for Nazis meme". If you want to argue in bad faith go back to Twitter, this network is for real discussion.
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