Communism and socialism are ideas that are just so elegant, simple, and appealing, that they'll never go away.

Even if you drove every vestige of them out, someone would inevitably think of them again.

Anyone who wonders how to improve the world inevitably comes to some form of these systems.

And it's hard for me to believe that so many humans--who've been mentally conceiving solutions to problems, then executing them, for at least as long as language has been around--can be wrong-headed; that the whole concept is utopian.

We can see it clearly in our heads: a post-scarcity society with no rulers, with resources divided equally, driven by needs rather than an addiction to constant growth, with everyone having access to land or a domicile, etc.--it's not hard to imagine.

But there's a large minority of people with highly-vested interests in making it seem impossible--in sabotaging it; in dividing people.

It's harder for me to believe them than it is to believe in a better world.

@Ferretsyndicate if you had economic equality there would still be social inequality, and if there was social equality what would happen to identity. I think humans will figure out a new way to be unequal if we all had enough. Not that I'm saying we shouldn't strive for it.


Humans never cease to find ways to make themselves unhappy, so I don't doubt it.

But I do think we could come very close. Close enough *if* we actually try.

@Ferretsyndicate yeah but if you try it the US will undermine you like they've done in Venezuela. If you make headway just protect yoself.

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