Computer, show me the philosophical impact of neoliberalism on parenting:


I hate this so much

*It doesn't have to be* life! You're merely unwilling to explore other options because you benefit from the current system of exploitation!


I've stared at this for 5 minutes and still don't understand it?

I thought being taught to obey orders without question, do pointless mind-numbing busy work, and to not cause disruption was what public schools were for?

@Ferretsyndicate "Let me emotionally abuse your children so that they will be easier for capitalism to extort"

@Ferretsyndicate I keep seeing this ad and neoliberalism aside.... That's not even what coachability means!? A coachable player will take feedback and do their best to implement it. Give their best at a drill they think they've mastered (there's always something you can improve). Bring a positive attitude towards self/others. And yes, most of those are valuable qualities in the workplace.

What coachability isn't is subjecting yourself to whatever abuse is veiled as tough love.

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