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holy fuck i used to put in the bare minimum amount of thought required for programming on school assignments

i'm glad i backed up all my stuff from school. where would i be without these four different versions of hello world written in visual basic backed up to onedrive

i'd upload all these old projects but

a. theyre almost certainly full of my deadname
b. at least one of them has images that show what school i went to

that one time i was going to make an erotic video game in visual basic

there's a slider labeled "skin colour" and it just goes from left to right

no labels, no more options, nothing. just lower or higher. what the hell


hmm i wonder what kind of "body shape" lynne is attracted to

probably the worst thing i have ever personally created. lewd but far from sexually enticing. 

dear past lynne:

wanting to have a partner that is shorter or taller than you is not a kink


i had a fucking option for having a shirt with an aries symbol on it

i just realised that past me was programming an aradia fanfic generator for herself

here's all the options

all you can actually do is browse through the options, none of the other functionality works. if you really want to run it yourself here u go:

this code is an absolute fucking nightmare, both in subject matter and execution

me: hmm i should look through my old code
my old code: Dim Boobs As Breasts
me: hmm never mind

tfw i created a default character named lynne with C cup boobs with a comment "a girl can dream"

it's licensed under "the lynnecence v1"
god fucking damn it

the lynnecence v1 

Public Function SizeCock(Length As Integer)
Select Case Length
Case 3 - 4
Return RAO(TinySynonyms) & " cock"
Case 5 - 7
Return "cock"
Case Else
Return RAO(HugeSynonyms) & " cock"
End Select
End Function




I don't understand code. But somehow I feel very attacked by this.

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