My partner loves going to Trader Joe's. I hate it because:

A) shoppers there are super aggressive and the aisles are super small

B) It's a glorified fancy snack and TV Dinner store, not a grocery store.

@Ferretsyndicate but waht if you live off fancy snacks and tv dinners

@Ferretsyndicate They do have some things you can't find at your ordinary grocery store, though. Like mizithra cheese. Put that and some clarified butter on pasta and it's pretty good.

Also, I really miss Old Spaghetti Factory.


But that's part of it too: it's like a fancy snack, niche-food store. But I live right next to one so sometimes I get lazy and go to grocery shop there and I'm always dissapointed. It's like I can't ever fulfill a real shopping list there. But I do come out w/ a lot of quirky stuff, I guess.

@Ferretsyndicate I think it also depends on how you shop. Ever notice how Trader Joe's waits until they can find an extremely specific location? Every one I've ever seen meets these criteria:

1. It is on a major bus route.
2. It is on a major bicycle route.
3. The street in front has a sidewalk with foot traffic.
4. Car parking optional.

It's specifically going after a crowd that isn't doing a full grocery run, just getting a day or two's worth of things on their way home from work.

@Ferretsyndicate Which works great if you shop a little more, for lack of a better phrase, French. That is, just buy a couple items at a time on your way home from someplace to liven up what you got when you took the car out for shopping day.

@Ferretsyndicate Case in point, the only one in Tulsa, as viewed on OpenStreetMap:

Now in OSM, but highlighting transit:

Now in OSM, but highlighting bike routes:


Damn. You're absolutely right. This fits the one next to me as well.

@Ferretsyndicate There's only one that I can think of that is actually the size and has the car parking of a full size supermarket, and it's in an old Safeway location at Tanasbourne Town Square mall in Hillsboro, Oregon. Otherwise it checks all the boxes.

@Ferretsyndicate Also random fun fact, thanks to Aldi Nord owning Trader Joe's, Tulsa is one of the few places in the world where Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd (which owns Aldi US) are in the same city.

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