Libertarians attempting to do irony, but proposing a good idea instead:

(Good morning.)

@Ferretsyndicate fukkin' seriously. if that were her platform and she were running I'd vote for her in a heartbeat.

@Ferretsyndicate Lot of people seem to think we're supposed to sacrifice civilian lives to protect the military's toys.

@Ferretsyndicate what is even a libertarian, because what I get from that is support for the wall


The modern American "libertarian" is really just a conservative who is more faithful to old ideas of liberal governance--laissez-faire capitalism and legalistic social values.

Basically just a republican who's ok with pot and moral relativism, but still hates poor ppl.

@Ferretsyndicate Are they trying to suggest that diverting money from the military to health is bad?

@bob @Ferretsyndicate they only reject medicare for all because black and brown people would benefit from it.
Conservatives historically have had no issues with social programs that black and brown ppl were not a part of.

Wait now you got me thinking would Chuds actually support medicare for all but only if the funding came and stayed in the tax bracket? I feel like then rigging the tax code would be easier than waiting for a generation to die
@bob @Ferretsyndicate

@frickhaditcoming @phil @bob

Some of them definitely would. Look at Richard Spencer and the various neo-nazis for instance, who want a national health system (w/ obvious caveats).

I will also say that even libertarian conservatives like Tucker Carlson have been flirting w/ wealth taxation and social benefits lately, albeit probably in bad faith.

Well yeah you propose something that will clearly fail the say look it doesn't work. Its like socialism, how many south American countries do we have to over throw to show that socialism doesn't work
@phil @bob

@Ferretsyndicate if people dying and living shorter lives due to lack of health care isn't an actual emergency, what the fuck is

@Ferretsyndicate It's a good idea. But what about the people that will lose their job. I feel like this will create an unemployment problem. So more carfull planning, then just let's cut from military spending and add to health care

@jarlavgrenland Who would lose their jobs because of it? 🤔

Weapon makers and dealers? Good. State-sponsored killers? Good. Those who make profitby stealing oil from other countries? Good…


@devnull @Ferretsyndicate
Less money for the army = cuts in spending = Less money for equipment and paying army personnel = don't have enough money to equip existing personnel and pay existing personnel = people will be layed off to fit the new budget = people in the US army will lose there job. and those people you mention 😉

@jarlavgrenland Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying, less people in the military is a good thing. Less people to do the dirty job for the corrupted politicians/other warmongers/those who make profit from war and colonization, is a good thing.


@devnull @Ferretsyndicate I am not saying you are wrong, but i think if there where to be a cut in US military spending it would be a slow cut over a period of time, as military spending is so huge and the army is huge and it also got to with hold diplomatic agreements. Also there should be an Army reform which focus on Defending US then waging war. similar to how Norway, Sweden and Denmarks army is built. which is purly on defending the country.

@jarlavgrenland Look how much the US spends on weapons (both for buying that shit, and for research on how to kill more people with less effort), not the salary part… just the weapon crap part.

Meanwhile, their health care system and education system are plain shitty… and it's not because they can't doing better (like poor countries), it's because they don't want to do better, because "In profit we trust"

As for the reform. Not gonna happen. The US loves making war too much…


@devnull @Ferretsyndicate Welp. i got to say one thing to Norway makes on of the most deadly missiles and torpedos (by Kongsberg Gruppen) guess who is buying them 😜 Well one thing is for sure, the more they spend on trying to get there wepons more accurate to only hit military personnel the less civilien dies idk. US military spending is weird. While in the mean time i am complaning that Norway is not using more on military spending. and buying outdated crap and exspensiv shit.

@jarlavgrenland More deadly doesn't mean more accurate/less civilian victims.

Buying a shitload of nukes for their military ships, and dropping bombs from drones, operated by for-profit companies' employees, acting as the military subcontractors is certainly not how motivated by a "we don't want civilian victims" mentality.

Not to mention the military robotics bullshit…


@devnull @Ferretsyndicate Very true. why don't we just go back to medivel wepons. then we don't have nuks flying over out houses at least

@Ferretsyndicate @Are0h Why are Right Libertarian’s so afraid of a healthy populace?

@garrett @Are0h

They love heirarchies in all their forms. Any attempt to right them is affront--at least that's my opinion.

Yeah, the #Democrats will stop #imperialism... like they did NOT do in the past.
I know, I know, they'll get it right next time. 🤦‍♂️
Did the #Obama scam teach you anything?
Apparently not.
. . .
Come on, admit it, deep down you know she is #fake .


Hmmm...this would make sense if I was a Democrat--and if this wasn't just me poking fun at what libertarians consider a bad thing.

But sure, whatever you say.

Yet you still fall in the "bad cop - good cop" trick, for you did not criticise her. Letting to imply, that she might actually do these things, one day.
(Just look at the replies)

@Ferretsyndicate they're libertarians?

Surely libertarians of any stripe would rather not have this much military spending, and surely they'd prefer it'd go to health care as opposed to instruments 99% for initiating force, even if they don't want it to go to healthcare either...


Honestly this hasn't been my experience with the libertarians I've met. They usually just use slightly fancier, polished rhetoric to defend the status quo.

@Ferretsyndicate @jasper Many "libertarians" are actually Lawbertarians, happy to support the state as bootlickers so long as they get to do whatever drugs they want and avoid building codes or environmental protection regulations on their property.

They love a strong military and an overstaffing of police forces, but god forbid you help the person dying on the street from a curable disease. Southern California has many of these types.

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