New developments in "communism killed 100 million," we're now at 2.5 billion folx:


That's roughly 1 in every 2 people in the world population getting killed by communism when the USSR dissolved.

It amazes me how these ppl pride themselves on their "common sense."

They don't actually care about human life 

They don't actually care about human life 

@Ferretsyndicate Yeah, i remember when socialism drove her car into the commuters. After that, massacre never stopped.

Still counting huh? Wake me up when you ask China about the real numbers.


China? Are we talking about the country w/ more billionaires than the US? The country that's outlawed unionization efforts? The country where tech giants are falling all over themselves to appease the central party so that they can do business there? The place where Milton Friedman went to advise Deng?

Sounds super communist.

> China? Are we talking about the country w/ more billionaires than the US? The country that's outlawed unionization efforts?
@ferretsyndicate @ani The US is the most free and democratic country in the world and China is the most socialist/communist. The brochure won't lie.

@xrevan86 @ani

Sure. Totally seems like socialism and not a capitalist nightmare.

*the US is the most free/democratic if you take away all that senate, electoral college, lobbying, voter suppression, gerrymandering, etc stuff.

@xrevan86 @ani

Sorry, I didn't see that you had "socialist" in bio and I've been getting bombarded by new instances full of chuds. It's hard to know what's serious lately.

About seriousness. You could say that China is _seriously_ adopting communism and they have done so for quite some time now. What do _you_ think that the numbers are that have died for no reason under the oppression over there?


China as of today is about as far from communism as you can get. It's authoritarian capitalism, or fascism, whichever you prefer.

As far as the numbers, it's a lot under Mao who used "communism" more as a way to rapidly industrialize China than he did to help workers/the poor.

However, if one compares those numbers to India in the same time period, a normatively capitalist country, more actually died due to poverty and hunger there.

These death counts are a fool's errand.

What is authoritarian capitalism? Same as fascism? Mussolini adopted authoritarian capitalism?
If the numbers were under Mao, I will leave the brain chemistry for you to figure out _which_ dogma was _behind_ it.
Nothing about India.
@ferretsyndicate @ani By that logic, *everyone* who's killed in the name of Jesus Christ has contributed to the death toll of Christianity (or better, of Abrahamic religions in general, distinctions are boring).
And religion is dogmata in a more literal sense than political ideologies are.


I'm pretty sure I just said Mao was communist. I put it into quotes because a lot of what Mao did had little relation to what Marx talked about--Mao used it for his own purposes much as many Christians use the bible for their own purposes in vastly different ways.

My point in bringing it up was that, as bad as Mao was, more people died in India.

I.e. these death counts that bootlickers like you take glee in are often pointless and misleading.


Likewise, if you want to look at the post Mao/Stalin world, client fascist states imposed with the support of big business have by far been the biggest killers.

Look at Suherto, Pinochet, Argentine junta, and so on.

And, yes, both Hitler and Mussolini had the support of capitalist interests--Mussolini's blackshirts started on the payroll of wealthy Italian industrialists and Hitler initiated a huge privatization policy and was greatly admired by the US business community.

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