@Ferretsyndicate Furry, Brony, Woomy, Jesus, Trump, Anime, Nintendo, Attack on Titan, and NOS


@Ferretsyndicate this has to be in violation of some sort of law of physics or property of reality.

Like, how has that person/vehicle no collapsed into a singularity yet?

@eggandburger @Ferretsyndicate yeah, where was this spotted? Western suburbs? Or is this a St. Cloud State student…?

lewd adjacent 

lewd adjacent 

lewd adjacent 

@Ferretsyndicate rather than unpacking, I recommend the You Only Live Twice method: helicopter, electromagnet, large body of water.

@Ferretsyndicate nah makes sense they're the one drawing porn of anime kids in Maga hats.

@Ferretsyndicate honestly the attack on titan sticker just makes too much sense in context of the rest of this shit.

@Ferretsyndicate yeah no this tracks. shame, i like nos the drink, but i totally see how it would appeal to that type of chud

@burgin @Ferretsyndicate the most unbelievable part of this is that it's a chevy spark

nobody drives those

@Ferretsyndicate this is a cliché that somehow bought a car and exists to make people sad

@Ferretsyndicate former MLP forum admin here (thought the show was cute, joined since I wanted a place to talk about it) - this honestly looks about like I’d expect. 🤷‍♀️

@Ferretsyndicate I need one of those junkyard crushers, but on wheels.

Oh no, that is my car color make and model. D: oh nooooooooo

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