[ME]: *flipping the board* "COMMUNIST REVOLUTION!"

@Ferretsyndicate there is a radio show that's very popular among German leftists, it's about a musician living with a communist kangaroo as a roommate in Berlin... in one episode they try to play "Communist Monopoly" and get super bored


My mom, a small business owner, is incredibly good at monopoly and ends up pissing us all off by cornering the entire market.

So I have actually done this, flipping the board and all, on a few occasions when it was obvious she would win by attrition.

She hates it.

@Ferretsyndicate @ritualnoise given my political views and being a board game enthusiast, the only thing sadder than monopoly being horrible to play is the fact that it was designed as a anti-capitalist learning tool that was bought out and trademarked to only be the prime teaching tool of gross capitalism and shitty behavior to generations of children.

@Ferretsyndicate monopoly hacks: negotiate mutual rent free agreements with your coplayers. once everyone is in the rent free circle you all win

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