@Ferretsyndicate rly makes u think how centrism is just "feel good" auth right

@Ferretsyndicate my dad, a liberal i'm trying to reform, after being shown this image: "liberals??? really? sounds more like republicans to me" HMMM NO DOES IT? HMMM


It . . . kinda does???

Quite frankly I'd edit this image to have scare quotes.


@OchotonidKnight @killeveryhetero

It applies to both unfortunately. Things usually go into hyperdrive under Republicans, of course, but liberals have been trying an outflank-them-from-the-right strategy for a long time now in terms of foreign policy and tough-on-crime measures.


Ah, and therein is the basis of our misunderstanding. Establishment Democrats are what I'd call ""Liberals"" rather than implying that they actually have any sort of leftist ideology.


@OchotonidKnight @Ferretsyndicate the word liberal has been tainted by centrist dems' insistence on describing themselves with it -- i don't know of any actual leftists that use "liberal" to mean "left" anymore

right-wing perspective: liberal means left, which means COMMIES HERE TO STEAL OUR FREEDOMS

lib perspective: liberal means left, which means HILLARY CLINTON OUR LORD AND SAVIOR

leftist perspective: liberal means pee pee poo poo

@OchotonidKnight @killeveryhetero

I mean, liberalism isn't a leftist ideology, it's a centrist one. If anything, the way democrats act today is more in line w/ what liberalism is than the social democratic reforms liberals pursued from the 30's through the 70's (which some republicans also pursued).

That time period from the Great Depression to Nixon was kind of an enigma where no one was willing to let the market dictate policy (which is an integral component of liberalism).

@Ferretsyndicate honestly the worst one of all is they refuse to even look at how liberalism came about. hint, they did not ask the British nicely to leave the 13 colonies and neither did the King of France didn't just quit. liberalism was a violent insurrectionist ideology once too

@Ferretsyndicate "But we're fighting to spread democracy!"

By funding fascist regimes to overthrow democratically elected leaders and install more fascists in their place.

Yep. Spreading democracy. 🙄

@KitsuneAlicia @Ferretsyndicate Democracy's like jam on a toast, the more you spread it, the more it stops tasting like itself.

@aearil @Ferretsyndicate Because your ideas/brand will only spread so far and you'll be forced to accept that others might want to live differently.

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