implied violence, sui 

@phoe @Ferretsyndicate I love how literally none of the responses in that forum/article include "Maybe your employees have to leave for their second job because you're not paying enough," because...tbh that could be a big factor with how many people need 2+ jobs to make ends meet nowadays. Yikes

@Ferretsyndicate bitch, your commitment to pay your workers ends at 6pm too, and probably 6% of the money they make for you, fuck right off

@Ferretsyndicate oh my god what more do they fucking want? people work themselves to death to eat and you want more? mowe mwoney mistew twump??

@Ferretsyndicate They should try paying them overtime if they want them to work it.

@Ferretsyndicate I don't entirely understand what they're getting at. If you want your employees working past 6pm, that's called "overtime," but that's... still work hours. If you want workers to work past their regular time, review overtime law, make a policy, and see if they bite.

I assume they're trying to get unpaid overtime out of their employees, in which case lol your employees aren't a charity for you dipshit .

@Ferretsyndicate did appreciate the answer that was "make them owners," aka cooperatize

@Ferretsyndicate l would recommend this person closely examine the inside of an active wood chipper

@Ethancdavenport @Ferretsyndicate
I found the question on the site and this is in the top answer:
" if given the choice between work 70 hours and having little to no time for the rest of your life, or 50 hours and be able to balance both wok and life"
50 hours! Still looking for the 'fuck yourself' answer.

@Ferretsyndicate when i saw this the top response was "get a life" so good job quora

cw implied violence 

@Ferretsyndicate I hope all the answers are "That's what you're paying them for asshole"

Seeing a lot of silly responses to this. Can we be serious for a second? Like, actual advice 

@Ferretsyndicate "I know I only pay them to work those hours, but don't we worship capitalism around here? I don't feel I am properly being treated like the Godking I think I am."

It's been said a million times, but I'll make it a million and one; capitalism was a mistake

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