"Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" is actually a cautionary tale about workplace discrimination:

@Ferretsyndicate He's got Santa behind the eight ball here; he should force Santa to sign off on a new agreement with better treatment of labor, co-determination, etc.


Exactly. The boss learns that he needs the workers more than they need him.

@Ferretsyndicate In fairness, Santa does play something of a hybrid role, in that he does do labor: handles the naughty/nice lists, does final physical delivery of presents, etc. But inasmuch as he runs the workshop, he's clearly in a managerial role as well.

@Ferretsyndicate Rudolph stuff always reminds me of Alan Turing. Loved when he was "useful" for WWII and shunned because he was gay otherwise.


Damn I'm never gonna look at Rudolph the same again.

@Ferretsyndicate not just workplace discrimination but diacrimination in general....

@Ferretsyndicate I always thought it was Rudolph the red nosed reindeer because he was a kiss away from joining up with the elves to overthrow Santa and form a workers' collective

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