@Ferretsyndicate It's not a zero sum game. Individuals should be responsible for their own ecological impact, as should corporations and nation states, I don't understand why people don't get that.


Ok well turn off your lights then that'll probably stop global warming or something.

@Ferretsyndicate “Almost 50% of global carbon emissions arise from the activities of around 10% of the global population, increasing to 70% of emissions from just 20% of citizens,”
(just copied it from before mastodon.nl/web/statuses/10086)

@Ferretsyndicate This is really misleading, it really should read "71% of carbon emissions come from products of 100 companies." It's not like ExxonMobile has burned 17 GtCO2 on their own, they sold it to us and we burned it. So yes, turning off the lights will in fact help.

@Ferretsyndicate 6.5% of global emissions come from "direct operational emissions" of these 100 companies.

@ervanalb oh yeah baby I should've walked to work instead of driven--i love it when you tell me how bad I am. Stan for those capitalists bb!

@Ferretsyndicate @ervanalb they tore down the LA public transit system for our own good! any collusion between the automotive and petroleum industries is because they're looking out for us! why do you hate progress????????

@ervanalb oh awesome thanx for standing up for exxonmobil--the company who's been engaging in a massive campaign to mislead the public about global warming even when their internal studies showed that they knew it was true--too bad it was all our fault.

We need more brave ppl like you

@Ferretsyndicate I wasn't trying to stand up for anybody, I was just actually confused by the statement and went looking for clarification. These companies probably are all super shitty.

@Ferretsyndicate and its made me look way more into emissions and whatnot. For instance, I didn't know that total end-to-end energy usage is only 30% efficient. Efficiency improvements seem like a valid way to fight emissions, if you don't want to hedge on those 100 companies doing the right thing.

@ervanalb @Ferretsyndicate OK, well, they need to sell us something other than coal and oil that we can use to fulfill our obligations to continue living in the economic system they insist on perpetuating.

But cellulose fermentation isnt profitable, so we need to sell oil. If you stop buying it well go under and everyone will have to walk.

Also bootlicked do not interact

@Ferretsyndicate thank you for telling the important facts, Rick Astley

@Ferretsyndicate Ah yes, "The people who point out a problem is large are just as bad as the people who do anything to alleviate the problem," a truly unique and reasonable take


Really? I think it's actually a pretty bad take and has nothing to do with this meme. But ok.

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