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[SCIENTIST 1]: "Weird...the mice have all simultaneously stopped participating in the mazes..."

[SCIENTIST 2]: *pointing* "Is that one over there waving a little red flag!?"

[S 1]: " god...they've written something in cheese crumbs..."

[S 2]: "It says...'solidarity foreve--'" *gets crushed by a giant anvil*

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[ME, CARRYING MY BOSS' SEVERED HEAD ON A PIKE]: *changes "days w/o a workplace accident" sign to 0*

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Divorce me once, shame on you. Divorce me twice, I'm joining a toxic subreddit.

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[ME]: *bicycling thru the carwash* "I HAVE JUST AS MUCH A RIGHT TO BE HERE AS THE CARS DO!!!"

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[MY BOSS]: "You and I need to have a chat about appropriate work attire..."

[ME]: *muffled noise*

[BOSS]: "I can't understand what you're saying."

[ME]: *removes ball gag from mouth* "I said 'talk to my union rep, binch.'"

On the anthropocene mass extinction and politics 

[BREAKING] Leaked Facebook emails reveal "number one threat" to its platform: decentralized platforms.


Got a big ol' greasy fart lined up but I'm gonna be responsible and save it for a rainy day

So, both these pokemon games are exactly the same, right? Just slightly different pokémon?

Lewd. Just don't. 

'Please clap' I commanded the sea of asses in the spectators' seats, watching them all wriggle to life.

Ec, hellsite, "OK Boomer," AARP 

'Please clap' I commanded the sea of asses in the spectators' seats, watching them all wriggle to life.

The photos for whatever reason are in the wrong order. The one where he's leaning over the edge with it in his mouth should be before the one where it's dropping.

He literally held it there and then let it drop as if it was some kind of execution.


Max absolutely hates the weiner dog in a sweater fridge magnet--he chewed the back leg off and threw it to the ground:

Thought about doimg some toots but then did the cost-benefit analysis and it seems like going to bed is yhe better option.

nazis, antisemitism, dkpol 

Our survival literally depends on billionaires failing to do likewise.

Day 61:

Dear Diary,
The beavers have accepted me as one of their own--I sleep in the den now--albeit as their large adult failson.

"Nagging is just womansplaining if you really think about i--" *gets pelted with tomatoes*

Whenever we get to the end of a 10 or 12 hour day, everyone eventually feels mentally and/or physically exhausted and just hangs out by the gang boxes, waiting out the clock.

This is always when wage labor feels the most ridiculous to me--just standing around literally wasting our lives' finite hours because...we have to.

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