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Getting "Family Man" tattooed across my face in Comic Sans to confuse the shit out of ppl.

Just wanna thank my haters for motivating me every day w/ their delicious hate juice.

Pretty brutal how Mario jumps on his enemies' heads and snaps their necks. Very unconventional technique.

when Bob Belcher introduced his own children with "they're ok once you get to know them," I felt that

When guys at work complain about people who "don't work," "live off the gov't dime," or "leech off everyone else," my favorite response is always "Tell me about it--rich ppl are the worst!!"

Usually it opens up for a double whammy because they get confused at first so I follow up w/ "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't realize you were talking about cops. They suck too."

It's always a good way to derail the convo w/ humor and let them know where you're politics stand w/o getting drawn in & gaslighted.

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You must let go of your ferret pomp & pride in order to reach furvana.

Amazon doesn't sell ferrets--Bezos knows what we would do to that nerdy little neck if he tried.

[ME AS SKEEZY STAP DAD]: "Listen, I'm going sicko mode on your mom tonight. Get used it." *pulls on collar of leather jacket and flicks away cigarette*

Going sicko mode after drinking Healyn Juice

remember when james cameron named his made up, super rare, hard to get mineral β€œunobtainium” and we all just let him?

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