For 3 easy payments of $19.99 I will slash all 4 of your tires.

Not To Alarm The Heterosssexualss Or Anything But Ssnakesss Are Gay

Remember all those bad toots? Well, I got hacked. It wasn't even me.

"YOU PROMISED YOU'D GIVE THAT NECKLACE TO ME!" I screamed as my mother placed the priceless family heirloom around her pet hamster's neck.

"I'LL COMPLIMENT ANY GODDAMN DOG'S HOG I WANT!!" I screamed at the guy walking the dog with an awesome hog.

It's wild how the media frames the story within the context of Johnson & Johnson's stock plummeting.

Whereas you'd think "THEY WERE GIVING YOUR BABIES CANCER AND DID NOT GIVE A SHIT!" would be the main (or only) focus.

But, hey, that's just my takeaway.

Bow before the ferret king. My first decree: gay sex all the time.

P.S. today is ACAB day (13/12/18). We just write our months and dates wrong in America.

Ayyyeee comrades, I missed a history date:

December 10th was the 12th anniversary of Pinochet's death.

Here he is with fellow piece of shit (and supporter) Margaret Thatcher.

The entire ferret syndicate does not contain nearly enough piss in our bodies that these fuckers' graves deserve.

Good morning.


[ME]: "I'm starting to think that--contrary to what our in-campus FaceGoogle™ doctor says--being 'mad online' is NOT good for my health."

Sorry to all the British folx. If it makes you feel better, we don't even have a no-confidence mechanism. That doesn't make you feel better, I know. But I'm sorry.

They call it gay rights because the gays are right

Guy at work today was talking about the "yellow jackets rebelling because they're sick of socialist taxation. Denmark's gonna be next."

Lol k eat a dick chud.

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