You are not the monster that your abusers would have you believe that you are. A lot of life, for a lot of people, is about circumstances and being taught a doctrine of self-reliance and personal responsibility that is completely out of proportion for the real world we live in. Or similarly, religious frameworks that teach us from a young age that bad things happen to bad people because they deserve it. And that “victim” is either something that you are “playing” or something that defines you

Sometimes a person comes along who punches you in the face because they want to, who takes something from you simply because they can. It doesn’t actually say anything negative about you when you accurately assess those situations and say “someone else did that to me and it was wrong.”
An abuser would prefer that you blame yourself and NOT them for their misdeeds. They will encourage you to do just that and heap shame on any and all victims.

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@Eweish I saw someone yesterday with a tshirt that read, “Life is hard, but it’s even harder if you’re stupid. - John Wayne.” It seemed frightfully ambiguous a statement to me.

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