All I’m saying is that she has a trans son now who she’s very supportive of

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@Eweish Im kinda surprised no one has ever gone into depth about Johnny Five being overtly queer coded in Short Circuit 2. He's even got a rainbow on his shoulder.

@Eweish @mxsiege

I loved J5 since I first saw him. I think I was about 8/9 when I first watched the films. I've bought them both on each new media type when they've been released.

Favourite. Character. Of. All. Time.

@Eweish @mxsiege
His arm was in an episode of Star Trek Voyager too! Younger me was so excited, cause I thought I was gonna see him again!

@Eweish I love these movies so much. Aside from the HIDEOUS brownface in the first one.

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