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Columbia:(shocked) “You mean she..?”
Magenta: “Uh huh.”

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Heard joke once: Man goes to doctor. Says he's depressed. Says life seems harsh and cruel. Says he feels all alone in a threatening world where what lies ahead is vague and uncertain. Doctor says to himself, "who does this clown think he is?"

I’m neither a natural extrovert nor introvert so I guess I’m just a vert. And another word that ends in “vert”

Mastodon introduced me to friends, and to my beloved chosen sister/brain twin. Worth ALL of the nonsense that came my way.
💜 &❤️

i'd like some real talk about the ageist takes here on the fediverse, but i'm too old and tired to get into it with you.

There’s something very wrong with you and with your judgment.

I know you want to believe that everyone wants to fuck you because you’re young or something but it’s just not so. No one tried to get anyone else to do anything.
you’re talking about an offhand joke about putting chapstick on buttholes!!

As hard as this might be to understand, try to get it into your thick head: we’re interested in women our own age. There’s a reason I have “29+” in my profile: because I don’t like hanging out with people whose brains aren’t done developing.

And honestly? Eat shit, you dirtbag. It’s fucked UP to project your own internalized transphobia and shame onto other trans women and to label us creeps (over literally NOTHING). You’re the one DATING a trans woman who’s older than either of us, and you’re like 19! It’s NOT hard to figure out where your transphobic accusations and unease with trans women older than you comes from: you and your own life!

Pyretta if you have receipts let’s see ‘em. But you DON’T because what you’re talking about NEVER HAPPENED.

Amnesia Convenientus

pyretta, accusations 

pyretta, accusations 

you asked for it! In memory of the one year anniversary of mastodon existing I am opening new accounts on 23 instances.

veteran detective: it appears that the Invisible Man was attacked by The Wolfman while out riding his horse

rookie detective: how can you tell? there's no body

veteran detective: clawed reins

dysphoria (not mine) 

dysphoria (not mine) 

‪And if I only could ‬
‪I’d make a deal with cod‬
‪Put salmon into cannons‬
‪Shooting up that tube‬
‪Sliding down that dam‬
‪With no problems ‬

We should give time turners to everyone with ADD.

Having some excellent goth daydreams about recovering from facial surgery. Do you think they’ll let me wear a creepy porcelain mask over the bandages, which I presume will be wrapped around my entire head like the invisible man?

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