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Columbia:(shocked) “You mean she..?”
Magenta: “Uh huh.”

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Heard joke once: Man goes to doctor. Says he's depressed. Says life seems harsh and cruel. Says he feels all alone in a threatening world where what lies ahead is vague and uncertain. Doctor says to himself, "who does this clown think he is?"

I hate it when the ground rises up to meet me

Dominatrix Krampus.

Get in the sack. Hit you with sticks.

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The Mandalorian is a good western/samurai space series

One hour ago I am preparing to watch Watchmen.

Rene Auberjonois has passed away, age 79


Jews: “God uses God pronouns-“

Same two groups as before: “that’s a big NO! from us”

Christians: “there was 1 and then there were 2.”

Secular Christian Opposition: “Never happened.”

Anyone else: “We think there’s a few ways to be-“

Christians and secular Christian opposition, together: “NO!”

In essence, I’m not part of the argument between Christians and secular Christians and I won’t be pulled in, including the fight about whether there are fundamentally two sexes or whether there are none. Look outside your own world and you will find other genders.

How dare you say that other genders have to go too, or that they are fundamentally part of the system that you’re fighting when that system has been doing it’s utmost to annihilate them for centuries.

At risk of cancellation, I want nothing to do with anyone who insists that I exist in opposition to a particular gender/sex system (non-________) rather than differently and without a definitional relationship of any kind to what they see as THE system to either be with or against.

I’m not a coke person and I’m not a Pepsi person nor am I anti- coke&pepsi. I can still drink coke or Pepsi or RC or orange soda or milk or water.

And for many it seems impossible to conceive even now of a world where *everyone* isn’t trying to recruit, where evangelism and conversion aren’t part of the basic model of how to live a life. Being a thing must mean that the person is trying to get everyone else to be what they are.

It’s difficult to explain how baffling that notion of permanent evangelism is when you know it to be part of a culture that is trying to annihilate your own.

And on the other hand, I’m through treating rejection of religion by cultural Christians as the default model of atheism or areligious life. It’s not.
Likewise rejecting a two-gender model in favor of NO genders isn’t, in my eyes, much different from a Christian fundamentalist becoming a zealous atheist. You exist oppositionally to the point that any system other than the thing itself or rebellion against it is ignored or minimized.

Anyway fuck all of this, I’m not letting Xmas get a foot in the door again just like I’m not letting anyone tell me that there’s only two sexes or genders.

Meanwhile Christmas is nowhere to be found because it’s perhaps the most successful product of Christianity’s cultural-colonial project: gobbling up any and all holy days and celebrations during the heart of Winter and merging them with the birth of Jesus Christ (which of course happened at the other end of the year entirely.)

The basic cosmology of Christians is not just “one god and he can do anything but he’s also this specific man”. It’s also Adam and Eve bullshit, the notion that men are the basic units of human beings, reflecting (totally) God’s image. Women are the last thing to be created, an afterthought, whereas other animals always had “males” and “females.” Although Christians will claim that the Hebrew bible was made obsolete because Jesus (?) they return fondly to Adam and Noah,

Christian culture is so evangelist, recruiting is so fundamentally in its nature, that *being* anything other than how it sees the world is imagined to be a PR campaign and recruitment drive.

Do you even need to ask if this is by someone younger than 40

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