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Anyone want to buy a Wacom Intuos4 graphics tablet and accessories? It's in good shape, EXCEPT that one of the USB ports has a very weak connection. If you use it in "right-handed" mode, the connector needs to be at a very specific angle or it won't connect. This could probably be fixed with a little bit of soldering, or by being left-handed.

It comes with a cushioned carrying case by REI.

Make an offer if you're interested? Since shipping this will be a bit of a beast, US only.

Alright, what's the hashtag people use for discussing server block recommendations again?

@hypolite It appears that @spencer isn't fully federating yet? The profile info is out of date, and I'm not seeing its posts from Mastodon.

@hypolite I'm @spencer right now. That's a test instance for the time being; I'm trying to get comfortable with it and configure it before launching for my friends.


I successfully installed the latest version of on my server!

I'm now a stone's throw away from my dream of having a private social network for my friends and myself.

Big thanks to @darius for his "Run Your Own Social" guide, which kicked this off for me, to @hypolite for ongoing work on Friendica, and @tobias for help upgrading the YunoHost installer script.

I'm nearly jumping for joy. πŸŽ‰πŸ˜

I'm running up against the limits of my understanding in both my 3D printing and my attempt to fix the Friendica installer for YunoHost, and it's a decidedly frustrating feeling.

Hey @tobias, thanks for providing a roadmap for upgrading the Friendica for YunoHost install script. Turns out that was just enough direction for me to get in there and start making changes myself. I appreciate it immensely. :)

Really wishing I could square the circle and set up a install on my own computer that could also send and receive mail. My ISP seems to have other plans. @asonix Well, to be more specific, they block port 25. @asonix Comcast/Xfinity does for residential customers, *supposedly* to fight Botnet spam. @asonix Right, and having one which doesn't block outgoing mail would likely also be a plus. I presume administrative emails need to be sent--password resets, at the very least.

privacy and surveillance (-) 

"While the company was dodging me, it was also monitoring me. At my request, a number of police officers had run my photo through the Clearview app. They soon received phone calls from company representatives asking if they were talking to the media β€” a sign that Clearview has the ability and, in this case, the appetite to monitor whom law enforcement is searching for."

fucking fuckity fuck

adventures in 3D printing, possible eye contact? (cartoon animal) 

After printing nothing but bed-leveling tests yesterday on my new Ender 3 Pro, today I printed my first actual prints: the Ender test dog and a Cali Cat. They turned out mostly okay! The cat has a slightly droopy chin and some rings on its tail, but other than that, it's good.

I started printing a PCB cover, but my first layer went down so lousy that I stopped the print. I'll try again tomorrow.

Groups that have an unusual amount of overlap:

πŸ”Ή polyamorous/nonmonogamous people
πŸ”Ή mental health professionals
πŸ”Ή hobby board gamers
πŸ”Ή pirate role-players

question for people who actually know networking (Xfinity gateway behavior) boosts+ 

@ItsTheManOnTheMoon Hopefully that at least sets you off on the right direction!

question for people who actually know networking (Xfinity gateway behavior) boosts+ 

@ItsTheManOnTheMoon AHA. I think this is probably an issue of NAT loopback. Again, I know very little about networking, but what I've gathered is that NAT loopback is a feature that, when enabled, allows a device to access another device on the same local network as though it were coming from an external network--in other words, what you're looking for.

NAT controls should be in your router admin?

question for people who actually know networking (Xfinity gateway behavior) boosts+ 

@ItsTheManOnTheMoon Oh god, I was running into something very similar to this last year when I was trying to set up my server on my own. I feel like I have the answer on the tip of my tongue, but I can't remember it, and I also know nothing about actual networking.

Sometimes, I've found that sketching a diagram of every step in the connection process helps me figure out what's going wrong where.

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