I've been working on setting up my own Friendica server, so I've been using this account a lot less. I'm over at @spencer for the most part.

This public post is also serving as a test so I can help see if federation is working as intended. 😁

> They are not wishing for nonviolence, they are stating a preference for who the violence should happen to.

I love Ian Danskin's stuff so much.



This is really awesome--a privacy-centric, open-source contact tracing app.

fun quarantine crafts:

coloring pages
sewing masks
knitting socks and sweaters
starting garden beds
building guillotines
canning jams and jellies

@Ajz@mastodon.nl Oof. That's awful news.

Also, that source is really yikes--they have articles all about "freeze peach" and they even promote Gab. 😬

call to action, democratic civil engagement 

Hey and peeps, there's a bill in the state legislature, HB 4126, that would legislate enhanced sentencing for anyone who covered their face in the commission of a crime--including protests that the police arbitrarily define as "riots".

This is a pretty open attempt to curtail the rights of masked protesters, with the added "bonus" of making facial recognition and surveillance easier for the police.

PopMob has the deets over on Facebook, but might be worth calling your state senator and voicing your opposition.


isn't this the book all those communist nerds love

@eldaking There is basis, yes, but my impression is it was largely generational and had (I think) mostly died out in the US by the time I was in middle and high school, which was... 2003-2009?

A couple of my favorite articles on the subject:

[Postmodern geekdom as simulated ethnicity] (ejumpcut.org/archive/jc54.2012)

[What Was the Nerd?](reallifemag.com/what-was-the-n)

uspol (-) 

welp, they're going all-in on arguing that the president is infallible


@mcmoots clouds protect us from the awful everwatching eye of THE MOON

@darius Hell fucking yes. I would love to be responsible for "radicalizing" people to care more for others, share more instead of hoarding, and become less dependent upon hierarchical institutions.


tustin jimberlake

@eldaking Have you seen this recent video on the subject? The creator, Mark Brown, starts with Geoff Engelstein's notion of "input randomness" and "output randomness", then dives deeper. It's real good!


Okay, I should also add that the coating on the top half of the stylus is kinda cruddy. I tried cleaning it with isopropyl alcohol, but it only seemed to degrade the surface further.

That said, it's still perfectly functional, and you could knit a sleeve or buy a replacement stylus if it's too much for you.

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