isn't this the book all those communist nerds love

Anyone want to buy a Wacom Intuos4 graphics tablet and accessories? It's in good shape, EXCEPT that one of the USB ports has a very weak connection. If you use it in "right-handed" mode, the connector needs to be at a very specific angle or it won't connect. This could probably be fixed with a little bit of soldering, or by being left-handed.

It comes with a cushioned carrying case by REI.

Make an offer if you're interested? Since shipping this will be a bit of a beast, US only.

adventures in 3D printing, possible eye contact? (cartoon animal) 

After printing nothing but bed-leveling tests yesterday on my new Ender 3 Pro, today I printed my first actual prints: the Ender test dog and a Cali Cat. They turned out mostly okay! The cat has a slightly droopy chin and some rings on its tail, but other than that, it's good.

I started printing a PCB cover, but my first layer went down so lousy that I stopped the print. I'll try again tomorrow.

uspol, police brutality, murder, racism, NYPD 

"I, an experienced Police, also may have murdered the unarmed Black man" is uhhhhhh maybe not the defense you think it is

jesus fucking christ

stylized ec, possibly? 

I realized tonight that one of my favorite games, Transistor, didn't have an icon in the Numix icon set that I use, so I whipped one up and I'm *real* proud of it:

cat, no ec 

Just the absolute best feline.


Here is Winston, the Best Cat, snoozing.

nerdy server admin stuff 

I just want to do this

why is it making my brain melt

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I feel a little guilty that I have a beautiful Lamy 2000, a TWSBI Diamond 580, and even just a Lamy Vista, but 99% of the time, I just write in my journal with a very plain Pilot Metropolitan.

juvenile fart humor 

that's what we're goin' with, huh?

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