Does anyone have the time and know-how to update the [Friendica package for YunoHost]( It's currently packaged with version 2019.01, and the latest release version of Friendica appears to be 2019.12.

The [YunoHost contributor documenation]( has information on packaging apps.

This is outside of my technical understanding, so I don't feel capable of doing it myself, hence the call. All help would be greatly appreciated!

I'm assuming it's outside of my grasp, that is. If it's as simple as changing a variable for the source file name and some checksums, that's one thing, but if just about *anything* else needs done (databases? new certificates? I dunno, configuring APIs?), I'm clueless, and I don't know how to tell if that's necessary.

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Replying here because I forgot to tag , which seems to be a somewhat more active hashtag.

If anyone has the know-how and time to spare on updating a YunoHost package, please check out my toots upstream. The package is out-of-date by about a year, and fixing that could help make the Fediverse even more available.

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