Hey y'all! I'm tentatively moving over here because my old instance,, was just kinda... dull. I like the vibe here.

: I'm Spencer, a Millennial in his late 20s living in Oregon, USA. I'm big on decentralizing and cultivating small-scale community, 'cause I think that's how we avert the cyber-fascist future we appear to be barreling toward.

Interests include:

🏴 leftism/anarchism
💞 empathy and justice
👥 building community
🌐 decentralizing
💗 relationship anarchy/ethical nonmonogamy
🐈 cats
🔌 cyberpunk
♟️ board games name a few.

Also might go lewd on here now and then? I miss pre-pornpocalypse Tumblr, where the culture seemed to support treating sexuality just like any other interest or part of life.

Anyway, hi, glad to be here!


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