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@Ephaemera I've often thought of writing an essay on what I call "fame anxiety" - the fear that at any moment you could become internationally famous (or infamous) for something you did not intend.

Could be a random prankster chucklefuck comes up to you in the street and kicks you in the gonads for no reason, could be that you make an Internet post that goes unexpectedly viral.

Perhaps the most interesting and terrifying aspect of this phenomenon is the idea of being known as "the person who [...]" for the rest of your life. Think about how Gary Brolsma is now "The Numa Numa Guy" or how the Star Wars Kid, who is now an accountant, is still considered to be "The Star Wars Kid", even by me!

You are effectively robbed of your ability to cultivate your own public identity. Your personhood becomes public property, shaped and moulded by images taken out of context. You become dislocated from your self.

There's an anxiety about this state of affairs I'd like to investigate.

@radoptimist There's a whole *series* of ~~cyberpunk~~ contemporary novels in that, and/or as many thesis on society/identity/etc as you cxan stomach! o.O
Good luck!

@Ephaemera I do have a post-cyberpunk novel I want to write, but there's definitely a short story in there. I've already written a pretty disturbing story about the future of AI in that vein:

Image #Caption:

"In the future, everyone will want to be anonymous for fifteen minutes."

Anonymous graffiti on a plain concrete wall.

#surveillance #privacy

@Ephaemera "En la futuro, ciu volon esi anonima dum dek-kwin minutos" #mondlango

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