This is such a beautiful thing. Like, yeah, I know things can be faked and I **so** hope this isn't.

@Ephaemera whats the use of blacklists in the first place if theyre ineffective? im gonna keep asking people this until i get a straight answer

@opal Apparently this is all a lot of fire and noise aimed very imprecisely, because it seems according to some tusky github issue or other, the assumption was that gab's modifications would prevent tusky working with it anyway.
Likewise and from similar sources (which I'd have to search at this point, so you can if you care) the following rickrolling was for kicks and giggles, because poking fun at fascists and fascist-adjacent folx seemed generally fair game - can't say I disagree tbh.

@Ephaemera while i love a good rickroll, i dont see it having a place in software tools

@opal Generally I wouldn't either, but again - it's aimed at fascists and their enablers and so on. I'm not really sure how awful the world would have to be towards them before I felt remotely sorry for them.

@Ephaemera im neither a fascist nor an enabler and i fail to see how simply being able to access gab from an app would enable fascism. the primary issue i see with gab is the fact that torba and colbert are lying to their paying users
@Ephaemera i have an alt on gab just to see how much of a nightmare their mastodon fork is, and well, it's a nightmare. i can't access their site with tor now

@opal Oh hey I'm not under any impression that you are. I'm just being clear about my personal views here, since you asked.

@opal Sorry if I came across as calling you fascist-adjacent, that totally wasn't my intent or perception! Also, *mostly* what makes me cheery is the fact that RMS stating that the Tusky devs choices don't break freedom 0, after the long and douchy multiple assertions that that was the case, on the F-Droid thread.

@Ephaemera i didnt feel like you were calling me anything, no need to apologise, just i have a lot of experience with people coming into threads calling me things im not, so i like being upfront about who i am

im actually surprised that rms interprets freedom zero how he does, because the way we reasoned about it (yeah, i was one of the people saying tusky broke freedom zero) it could be taken as: a certain class of users (people who use gab) are not allowed to use this software. but maybe his entire point was saying in your licence "hey, if you vote this party then dont use this app", so i guess he doesnt take technological blocks into consideration. which i guess makes sense, seeing how a lot of programs market blocking as a feature, such as with kid-friendly web browsers and the like
@Ephaemera tl;dr "i'm surprised but after thinking about it, it makes more sense than how i first approached it"

@opal Not really sure what your question *means*, though;
"ineffective" for what purpose? You've asked half a question.

@Ephaemera i assumed by context it would have been clear: i mean if the blacklist can be torn out in a forked version of a program (like what's being done already) then why do people think blacklists are an effective way to make a statement against – in this instance – gab

@opal Assuming the blocklist is in fact a statement, then the statement would be; "I'm/We're not making it any easier for you to use this than it could possibly be."
There's nothing on earth that can prevent a determined and knowledgeable person from running/subverting any piece of software, but e.g. security dongles still exist.

@Ephaemera note that the blocklist maintainers are exerting their own effort too, making things more difficult on themselves, so seems like a stalemate to me

@Ephaemera it's legit... the problematic white dude thus spake and the matter was finally settled and the "politics" suddenly went away

@rey Wait, is RMS like ESR-levels of problematic, or like regular old beardy white guy levels?

@Ephaemera ehhhhh... like... yes in some ways, mostly in a "using a position of power to recklessly undermine diversity and inclusion" way

i don't have the spoons to dig up stuff about this rn, alas

@rey I just had a quick look and saw the whole "Emacs virgin" routine... and the fact that apparently that's a *thing* he does, not a one-off, *and* as often as not refers to Emacs virgins specifically as women... Yeah, that shit's gross and he needs to fucking **not**. An apology would be in order too, but as long as I'm dreaming I'll have a pony :[ Ugh. Sorry =(

@Ephaemera no apology needed <3

idk, some folks just don't apologize, because they're correct

@rey Oh. OH. EW. He needs to get his shit together or just shut up. Damn it.

@Ephaemera Why do you doubt it's real? Looks completely legit to me.

@Jason_Dodd I have no reliable way of assessing its provenance. I don't as much "doubt" it as I'm simply aware of my own ignorance.

@Ephaemera Sounds exactly like all of emails RMS has sent me.

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