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Since radtown's got the 5 stickies limit, here's some old crap I wrote;

Here's some shite about the awful compromise-fest that is smartphones;

Some gubbins about network-level decentralisation;

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Having been chatting in a thread about privacy on here, and the potential uses and use cases of EndToEndEncryption, it's probably worth mentioning;

E2EE Won't save us from ourselves.

If we trust recklessly, if we dox ourselves regularly, there is no "safety" that can be offered to us that ***we*** will not break.

I personally **want** E2EE on Masto, I want very much to be able to have a convo with just you and a couple of other people, and ***know*** that convo is just between us.
Right now we have to jump off to Riot or Telegram or Signal or Tox or whatever and it's a pain, and we lose track of whose on what, which convo is where, etc.

But the best designed cryptosystems won't and can't stop *us* from abusing them. A system can be saf ***er*** .

It can't be " ***safe*** ".

That's still on us.

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The problem with "Guillotine them";
If you need to, you can't.
If you *can*, you don't need to anymore.

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Ethical Source; Good, Actually. 

If you don't want your software ***that you are giving away for free*** used to promote and enact bigotry, violence and imperialism, then you have every right *and reason* to refuse licensing to entities that engage in those behaviours.

(Holy run-on sentence, Batman!)

If your software's worth using, people almost certainly *will* break the terms of your license, and it'd be delusional to expect otherwise.
You will probably *not* win every battle over this, even where you have a blunt instrument like the DMCA to wield.

FLOSS advocates will whine and moan about it, on "principal". Those "principals", however, are placing 1s and 0s above human health and life so it's probably only worth engaging sparingly, if at all.

uspol, mask off 

Trump: "Get rid of the ballots and we'll have a very peaceful — there won't be a transfer, frankly. There will be a continuation."


Calling someone a replyguy while being a replyguy... top tier.

"Facebook threatens to throw tantrum, take balls and go home."

kthxbai Felicia. Don't let the door hit ya.

uMatrix, most recent dev build 

Since isn't getting any more releases you might want the latest dev release from Feb this year, instead of the last mainline release from Sep'19.

It's a signed build, I was able to install it directly from github in Firefox Aurora, idk whether it's possible/if you need to jump through hoops to install it in regular FF tho.

Y'know when you say/hear/read the same word over and over again until it loses all meaning?

This is *like that*, only with a word that was impossible to take 100% seriously anwyay.

C l o u t .



ukpol, the clown car rides on 

“Whichever Australian traded Tony Abbott to Britain,” remarked local cartoonist Jon Kudelka, “is the person Britain actually needs to help them with trade.”

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ukpol, the clown car rides on 

"[Tony] Abbott has been given the role of trade adviser by Boris Johnson’s government."

*yes, that Tony Abbot.*

ukpol, ID gender petition 

This is a petition to "Remove Gender Markers from Birth Certificates and Passports" in the UK, so please sign if you're in the UK and boost/repost anyway. Thanks!

eupol, refugees, bureaucratic murder 

‘The EU doesn’t have to shoot refugees; the sea will do the dirty work for it’

Writing crashy code for a popular brand of router 

Panic! at the Cisco

"Earth Overshoot Day marks the date when humanity’s demand for ecological resources and services in a given year exceeds what Earth can regenerate in that year."

This year, that day is today.

Me, looking at people half my age; Responsible adults, obviously.

Me, uhhmmmm... "older", looking at myself; Such a brat.

Ok, fedi seems to have suddenly developed a fascination with the Sunday Sport, and... I mean it *makes sense*, it's basically hundreds of shitposts disguised as a paper.

It's just weirding me out a bit. Like, I'm really surprised it still even *exists*!

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