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Having been chatting in a thread about privacy on here, and the potential uses and use cases of EndToEndEncryption, it's probably worth mentioning;

E2EE Won't save us from ourselves.

If we trust recklessly, if we dox ourselves regularly, there is no "safety" that can be offered to us that ***we*** will not break.

I personally **want** E2EE on Masto, I want very much to be able to have a convo with just you and a couple of other people, and ***know*** that convo is just between us.
Right now we have to jump off to Riot or Telegram or Signal or Tox or whatever and it's a pain, and we lose track of whose on what, which convo is where, etc.

But the best designed cryptosystems won't and can't stop *us* from abusing them. A system can be saf ***er*** .

It can't be " ***safe*** ".

That's still on us.

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The problem with "Guillotine them";
If you need to, you can't.
If you *can*, you don't need to anymore.

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Share if you don't share posts that start "Share if"

Ok, add No Man's Sky to that list, but I've only just got it and I'm still finding my feet.

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Software advice?
I need to throttle down my CPU speed when it heats up too much, but searches return pages of "how to STOP throttling" and "how to maximise CPU speed" etc.

Please recommend me some Windows software that can do that?

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delicately typing out ayesdeedeeefefefeljayjaykayaich in order to avoid counting against the mandated yearly keysmash limit

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