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Been thinking recently about the modern phone paradigm, and how broken and useless it's become.


Either the screen's too small or the device is too big; they're awkward one way or the other.

Typing on a screen is horrible. It's better than the on-screen keyboards for games consoles and (ugh) TVs, but what isn't? It also steals space from the already-too-small screen.

The fad for slimness and smoothness is in direct opposition to functionality. The line between "device" and "fashion accessory" got destroyed years ago, and yet still companies find ways to make them even less "device-y."

Ports and slots keep vanishing, (easily) replaceable batteries are becoming ever rarer, and all the internal hardware has to compete to exist in ever thinner packages.

While we're on the subject of awful design choices, there's "the" notch. However-the-fuck it's being redesigned *this* quarter, just to screw with UI designers.

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If you see a word or term that you *want* to understand, try searching for it.

If searching is harder than;
- Highlight word/term
- Select "Search" or similar from menu

You may want to find a new browser/client. That's how easy it *should* be.

Remember Winamp? Ok, so... remember AVS? The silicon-warmingest, processor-hungriest music visualiser? It's been open-source for over a decade! o.O

And no, this is nothing to do with being "one of the good ones."
It is, however, about people who are trying to remain one of the ***live*** ones. FFS.

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Well fuck. Ok, let's be clear; People's health, and safety, and their access to services they require in order to have those things?
That trumps ideology 11 times out of 10.
Fucking disappointing that this needs saying here.


This is a “Hazardous Materials” module. You should ONLY use it if you’re 100% absolutely sure that you know what you’re doing because this module is full of land mines, dragons, and dinosaurs with laser guns."

If you're gonna order take-out online, please consider using services that use *the restaurant's own delivery drivers*.
"Services" like ubereats are, as far as I've read, eating into restaurants' income, and in some cases outright antagonistic to the restaurants themselves.

I'm tired and it's making me crabby because I want to be learning about UEFI and TPMs and a secure boot path but my brain keep sliding off the words when I try =[


This article (11 Reasons Not to Become Famous, posted on palindrome day) is linked from the article about Discord that I boosted earlier, but I feel like it deserves reading purely on its own merits;

So uhm... remote-control burger candles when?
Asking for a friend.

[nerd voice] Artificer is just furry WarForged Barbarian with ranged/caster support.

Trick question; it's neither, you're obviously a capitalist.

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There's two people in your office.
Which one will you feed?

Why does the IoT candle have 81 backers? *Why???*

@Are0h Thanks for the post from a few weeks back about black beans and sweet potatoes being a complete protein! It's such a lovely combo too 💖

Does anyone else get almost physically nauseas from visiting glossy corp webbed sites?

Love too be reminded of what a helpless, useless person I am.

Does anyone else find that Riot starts *way* faster than Discord? Or vice-versa, or whatever?

Aaaand now i'm actually too warm! Sorry WCG, less cores for you.

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