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Since radtown's got the 5 stickies limit, here's some old crap I wrote;

Here's some shite about the awful compromise-fest that is smartphones;

Some gubbins about network-level decentralisation;

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Having been chatting in a thread about privacy on here, and the potential uses and use cases of EndToEndEncryption, it's probably worth mentioning;

E2EE Won't save us from ourselves.

If we trust recklessly, if we dox ourselves regularly, there is no "safety" that can be offered to us that ***we*** will not break.

I personally **want** E2EE on Masto, I want very much to be able to have a convo with just you and a couple of other people, and ***know*** that convo is just between us.
Right now we have to jump off to Riot or Telegram or Signal or Tox or whatever and it's a pain, and we lose track of whose on what, which convo is where, etc.

But the best designed cryptosystems won't and can't stop *us* from abusing them. A system can be saf ***er*** .

It can't be " ***safe*** ".

That's still on us.

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The problem with "Guillotine them";
If you need to, you can't.
If you *can*, you don't need to anymore.

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Ethical Source; Good, Actually. 

If you don't want your software ***that you are giving away for free*** used to promote and enact bigotry, violence and imperialism, then you have every right *and reason* to refuse licensing to entities that engage in those behaviours.

(Holy run-on sentence, Batman!)

If your software's worth using, people almost certainly *will* break the terms of your license, and it'd be delusional to expect otherwise.
You will probably *not* win every battle over this, even where you have a blunt instrument like the DMCA to wield.

FLOSS advocates will whine and moan about it, on "principal". Those "principals", however, are placing 1s and 0s above human health and life so it's probably only worth engaging sparingly, if at all.


You ever try smoking weed... on WEED?

:BoostOK: "KMonad is an advanced tool that lets you infinitely customize and extend the functionalities of almost any keyboard [and] offers advanced customization features such as layers, multi-tap, tap-hold, and much more."

Which sounds awesome, however;

"The core maintainer is currently chronically (but not terminally) ill, and is unable to give KMonad the attention it deserves. We are currently looking for maintainers. Please see this issue for more information."

Looks like there's already some traction, but if you know you some Haskell and love keyboard wizardry (and somehow aren't already aware of this!) then you might wanna take a a look.

Boosts appreciated.

Given that this instance's admin has removed their own account, it's probably time to say goodbye.

Buhbais! o/

Trump just made providing aid to Yemen illegal, condemning millions of people to starvation.

Petition the Biden administration to reverse that decision;

uspol, covid, repression of scientist 

"The state department of law enforcement said it would not reveal details of the allegations against the 31-year-old data analyst until she was in custody."


Screen reader question; do screen readers read out the entire content of the "Profile Metadata" sections of your bio?

More specifically, does the way I've used them to do image descriptions for my profile pic and header work ok on screen readers?

ukpol, covid-19, tory fuckbaggery 

"Yes. That was the transport secretary literally saying ‘don’t ask me about travelling abroad in the summer’. The man responsible for travel saying ‘don’t ask me what you can do’."

Health, Pacemakers, iPhone 12/MagSafe 

The iPhone 12 (and possibly other tech with MagSafe connectors) can interfere with pacemakers;

Because there's literally ONE (1) account on that I want to see, I have to unmute the entire domain and manually mute each bot?


"Capitalists Are Bad At Business" : Capitalism, Research and "Defense" Spending, Patent Trolling, Corporate & CEO Grift 

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"Capitalists Are Bad At Business" : Capitalism, Fascism, Slavery, Concentration Camps, Corporate & CEO Grift 

Extra warning; the discussion of Nazi concentration camps (19:27 - 22:47), Black slavery in North America (24:01 - 26:38), and current Uighur slavery (26:39 - 27:02) is presented in very matter-of-fact terms, and primarily focuses on the extremes of exploitation under capitalism.

For anyone planning on using Twitch at the moment; it's *really* shit the bed rn, chat and follow list seems broken for most people.

Fungible assets aren't worth the paper they're printed on.

So, uh.... This has an "interesting" price/amount ratio...

Just, y'know, thought it was interesting >.>

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