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Been thinking recently about the modern phone paradigm, and how broken and useless it's become.


Either the screen's too small or the device is too big; they're awkward one way or the other.

Typing on a screen is horrible. It's better than the on-screen keyboards for games consoles and (ugh) TVs, but what isn't? It also steals space from the already-too-small screen.

The fad for slimness and smoothness is in direct opposition to functionality. The line between "device" and "fashion accessory" got destroyed years ago, and yet still companies find ways to make them even less "device-y."

Ports and slots keep vanishing, (easily) replaceable batteries are becoming ever rarer, and all the internal hardware has to compete to exist in ever thinner packages.

While we're on the subject of awful design choices, there's "the" notch. However-the-fuck it's being redesigned *this* quarter, just to screw with UI designers.

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If you see a word or term that you *want* to understand, try searching for it.

If searching is harder than;
- Highlight word/term
- Select "Search" or similar from menu

You may want to find a new browser/client. That's how easy it *should* be.

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Ok, if this the best takedown of anyone can dp, I'm gonna keep giving no fucks;
This is disingenuous af, posits her agreeing with things when she's responded *without disagreeing* (protip: silence is only consent when **you're in control**), and posits the Justine character as espousing TERF ideology (WUT, also NO, also isn't it kinda transphobic to mistake bitterness about shiz trans people face with *actual TERF rhetoric*?).
There's so much reaching going on I'm surprised the author didn't sprain something.

There's also a lot of "this tweet was deleted to **cover it up**" (emphasis mine). So... maybe? Maybe she was drunk-tweeting (all those alcoholism "jokes" *aren't jokes, folks*), sobered up and went "Oh fuck the hell no."

By all means, find me something better. But if your issue with Natalie is that she's nuanced and even *flawed*, and experiences gender and transition differently, then... Ehhh.

Buuut then there's this recent bullshit, for which I seriously hope she manages to pull her head outta her ass and apologise.

UK Pol 

@tesseract @DissidentKitty I ... went *away* from the terrible thing. I mean... once you've poked the turd with a twig, and found it that yup, it's a turd... do you *really* need to know if those bits are sweetcorn or not?

@sifr You seem pretty awesome - is it ok to follow you, please?

Just to be clear; "they" no more ignores or denies someone's gender than "he" or "she" denies their culture - less, in some cases where their culture goes beyond binary gender.

"They" does not **mis**gender anyone because "they" does not **gender** anyone in the first instance.

Why do some people act like "They" is **only** for enby/GNC/agender/etc folks?

Singular "they" applies to *any* sentient being. You could remove gendered pronouns from all language *right this second* and society would spectacularly fail to disintegrate.
You don't have a pronoun that encodes your skin colour or ethnicity or age, yet somehow pronouns that encode gender are "necessary"?

Fuck no they're not.

Yeah, seriously... Unless they're your **only** option, please can you just, like, *not* post Amazon links?

Pretty please?

You *know* they're shitty. It's not a matter of debate or opinion.
They're a scummy megacorp. You know better.

Yet more data hoovering, from yet another state.

We should probably just assume every last inch of fibre is as insecure as WEP.

, only it's &D set in Eberron's dark, hypercorporate future with multiple house mergers; Jorasco+Ghallanda as Bayer Monsanto, Cannith+Kundarak, Deneith+Thuranni, Orien+Sivis+Phiarlan, etc.

The players are probably mostly from the Sharn slums.

And ofc the Dragons are *still* behind (almost) everything.

This all came out of a convo in jest with @lemoncarrots , but a quick searx also found this;

Isssss there a new Deus Ex game coming out or...?

So people are talking about , and I'm reminded of a phrase I first saw via Daniel Micay, the author of CopperheadOS and now GrapheneOS;

`You can`'`t enumerate bad behaviour`

It's true. At some point, federating by default and blocking unwanted instances is just going to become too painful for admins that give any kind of a damn.

Instance owners are going to be faced with a lousy choice; play an ever-hastening game of whack-a-mole, throw up hands and federate with anyone no matter who, or to change policy from federate-by-default to deny-by-default.

Filtering "In this economy?" In this economy?

This smegging "discourse" again. 

@self Hey, I sent you a DM but I know Masto can be flaky notifying about DMs, so I'm just pinging you.

Does anyone **not** know that Prager"U" is funded by oil billionaires (aaand also in no way, shape or form a university)?

Asking for a friend.

"In one instance in which Spanfeller tried to promote a woman within the company, his offer came with strings attached. ... Pontius’s first order of business would be to fire newsroom editorial director Susie Banikarim."

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