I think the Dilbert cartoon might have the most casualties in any show I have ever seen

Like there will be characters that will just straight up be murdered unambiguously. And everytime it happened I thought it was the funniest thing just thinking about The phrase “the Dilbert cartoon features decapitations”

Every episode of the Dilbert cartoon

DILBERT: “arrg This thing is bad!”
DOGBERT: “Wrong again Dibert”
RANDOM EXTRA (hit by a bus): “OH GOD!”

@BestGirlGrace you missed the episode where the boss accidentally got 12 nobel peace prize winners hit by a bus

@DylTheFunkyHomosexual i used to watch a lot of, like, Adult Swim type shows, and every one I can think of had, like, zero to one deaths per episode, and people tend to come back from those

but people don't come back in Dilbert

@BestGirlGrace the phrase “I’m okay” does not exist in the Dilbert cartoon

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