Logan Paul and Ricegum remind of some of the kids i knew in elementary school where, even at such a young age, i just knew they were absolute cornball garbage


@somarasu Big mood. There was a kid in high school I knew who, in a parallel universe, could’ve been the next T*kashi 69. He hasn’t done any of the heinous shit 69 did, but he’s got the same ethos and is just as much of a dipshit

Logan Paul reminds me exactly of this white kid i knew named Richard (who was a real dick so i guess God works in mysterious ways when it comes to names). He would tell people he was a cop and fuck with girls (not in a good way in a douchebag way).

I ended up punching him in the neck and got sent to the principle's office.

@somarasu you did the right thing. I also got into a fight with the exact kid I was talking about

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