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I want to do a thread about my favorite Spongebob and why I loved them so much.

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Mastodon is wild. I just followed someone b/c I saw their dick.

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Christmas (-) Show more

Extremely lewd; giant inflatable frog penis and maybe tiddies? Hard to tell. Show more

Now I'm falling asleep
And she's having a crab
While I'm having a smoke
And she's eating a crab
Now I'm going to bed
And my stomach is sick

*Senator Dick Durbin, looks at a list of people born on his birth date and speaks to himself in the third person*

Why, they're all Durbin's age!

the benefit of being an adult is i no longer mistake misanthropy for brilliance and realize it's usually just a man being an asshole

the guy on the I'M NOT A GYNECOLOGIST sock looks very similar to me and it is both appropriate and highly truthful

what the fuck does this sock even mean!!!!!!!

In the 1998 Godzilla film, every citizen of New York has the same brand of umbrella. The mayor, the press, random citizens fleeing in terror, all the same black umbrella. This could mean one of two things: either the props department didn’t put too much stock into the umbrellas and I’m reading far too much into this OR there is a shady company that has a monopoly on the New York umbrella industry. In this essay I will

Vein is fuckin wicked!!! I really want to see what they do next.

*extremely Brian Doyle-Murray voice* Keep an eye on the straights, they could be up to no good

if you don't use my pronouns i run you over with this

鬼神 Stay Inside 1989
I am SAD man
410,757,864,530 DEAD MOTIVATIONS

getting the turban sage toot tattooed on my ass in Japanese

man, i fucking just really love boys. i love everything about boys. from their smiles to their gentle hands i fucking love boys!

how silly, monkeys dont live in arctic temperatures

what did Hellraiser ever do to deserve Hellraiser 10

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