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All anti sex work marxists should get a fuckin swirly

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The ups & downs of having a celebrity on Mastodon:

(-): Having a celebrity on here would naturally create a hierarchy which would greatly diminish Mastodon’s sense of community

(+): It would be really funny if a famous person saw my hog

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I want to do a thread about my favorite Spongebob and why I loved them so much.

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Hold on. In the 3 years that I’ve had Downwell, you’re telling me that I’ve just now made it to the 3rd world?

12 journalists died to bring you this list of what's coming to and leaving netflix this month

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the woman who washed jesus' feet with her tears and kisses was definitely into feet

Don't mean to rush any couples, but if you get married this Saturday, your 50th anniversary will land on 4/20/69

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watch the michelin man just go ham on this bussy

Y’all while the movement for tuition free college along w raising the minimum wage gains more & more momentum, you’re going to start seeing a new push for ‘mandatory military service.’ The MIC isn’t going to let their pool of guaranteed labor go that easily.

The Smiths - How Soon is "In a Minute, Mum"?

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