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The ups & downs of having a celebrity on Mastodon:

(-): Having a celebrity on here would naturally create a hierarchy which would greatly diminish Mastodon’s sense of community

(+): It would be really funny if a famous person saw my hog

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I want to do a thread about my favorite Spongebob and why I loved them so much.

Headline of the day goes to:

"Young People Are Growing Horns. Phone Use Is To Blame, Research Suggests"

program material is recorded on the other side of this disc. but you can't see it, not without flipping the disc over.

but you're not flipping it over.

why is that, Leon?

a pro wrestler talks about sex 

the country boy who put a rainbow flag duct tape on his truck's tailgate and then had "not all country boys are bigots " and then took his truck to pride is good imo

*Watches a show about a really reprehensible man. Just an absolute piece of shit that the writers of the show want to let me know is a garbage person with no morals and real issues relating to other people*

That's it, that's who I want to be like.

I think I know why Gen Z humor is so goddamn weird

Millennials grew up watching Spongebob and King of the Hill, and then made YouTube Poops out of them.

Gen Z, while also growing up with those two shows, also grew up watching YTPs.

DurahmrockerZ is the voice of a generation.

selfie ec 

bromosexuality, genital lewd 

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