Hey devs this is an important announcement. I will be working with popular leftist youtuber Noncompete to create a peertue instance and I am looking for people to help me out. If you have any experience working with peertube or UI design or want to help shoot me a dm!

We are going to make something that can really have a shot at combating youtube and I think now might be a tipping point for us to make a big push.

CC @lynnesbian @cambrian_era

yall are the cool sysadmins I know so if u would boost I will send you a pic of my bearded dragon

@Drew let me know, if you need any product development related help.
I am a product manager :)

@Drew I do UI and UX design with some front end knowledge and depending on workload I might be able to pitch in some. Working on my own site at the moment.

@Drew good luck moderating the fascist on peertube

@kyzh Yea off the gate we aren't going to federate with basically any other instance to avoid this

@Drew I'm glad to see you know what you are walking into.

@Drew @kyzh that is a very poor choice and defeats the purpose of PeerTube - decentralization

It would make sense not to follow other instances but you should allow people on other instances to follow, comment, etc. Even on those fascist instances, so they can see your content and possibly be influenced by it.

@mewmew Well we aren't going to split from the federation, We will allow people not in our instance to interact, we will not allow any fascist interaction. I'm not in the business of moderating hundreds of people trying to destroy my life and livelyhood

@Drew That's fair, blocking certain abusive fascist instances may be useful, and I'm glad you've chosen to federate in general.

Some amount of healthy debate isn't a bad thing though - and doesn't need to be moderated until it turns ugly imo. Of course, it's ultimately up to you, and I wish you luck with this project.

@mewmew appreciate it, I'm new to this all so I'm sure we will see how it shakes out.

@Drew yeah

I can't tell you how to run a PeerTube instance but I can give you some general federation and platform advice if you want based off of what I've seen.

@mewmew basically we are going to take a guilty until proven innocent point at the beginning, and then if we expand more we will reevaluate our option. For starters I will only go with,, and whatever instances @felix trusts

@Drew I'm the admin of, I would be happy to help with getting your instance up. I can also answer any questions you might have about Peertube.

Here is the config that I am using for my instance, makes it all really easy:

@felix holy shit thank you so much!! would you be willing to join my slack and we can chat more there?? No worries if you don't want to tho

@Drew sorry but i try to stay as far away from slack as possible. how about matrix?

@felix understandable, Ill ttyl abt matrix portentially. Slack is a fuck

@Drew oops i confused slack with discord, but same difference its all proprietary

@felix lol ur good. But yea I'll reach out to you later.

@felix how do you feel about keybase? I think we will use that because it's very secure and comes with easy high capacity filesharing.

@Drew you mean for chat, or what? regardless, its still a proprietary platform run by a US company, so i dont see much reason to sign up for it.

is anything wrong with matrix from your perspective?

@felix nothing against matrix, ya just for chat because keybase is good for activists because it's very secure and pro left. My thing is I don't really know matrix that well

@Drew I dont know keybase that well either, only heard the name. bt it seems to be a private company in the US (so NSA territory). And afaik their server code is not open source.

Matrix is developed by a foundation in Europe, and is completely open source. You can even host your own server, it has federation similar to Mastodon/Peertube. And it also has end-to-end encryption.

So basically, I dont see a single advantage for keybase among those things :p

@Drew btw, have you already decided how/where to host the peertube instance?

@felix for starting and testing I'm gonna use an old desktop. It's got 4tb of storage, 16gb of ram and an i7 6700k. In future I'm gonna buy and maintain a real server blade (probably the jackal pro 2U from system 76)

Do you think my desktop would suffice for the start or should I look into other options.

@Drew the old desktop should be more than enough. You can check the about page for the hardware I'm using. Of course, it depends on how many people are uploading videos.

But you will host this at home, right? So the bigger problem is with upload bandwidth. Compared to a datacenter, it is also more likely that the power/internet will fail. And you are not protected against ddos.

@felix this is true but I have a dedicated generator in the event of failure and symmetrical gigabit Ethernet. Should be good for a while, but I will probably move to a datacenter eventually

@Drew okay that sounds like a really serious setup. you still might want to proxy everything through a vps to protect against ddos, and prevent people from getting your home IP.

@felix ofc yea. If I was to go with a datacenter solution is there one you would recommend?

@Drew I'm using, its linked on the about page. And my experience with them is really good. A lot of Mastodon instances are also hosted there.

@dirtycommo @Drew oh i want to try that, but last i checked they were all sold out. how is the performance compared to x86?

@felix @Drew i have honestly never ever had a problem - i think the MIPS/$ might even be significantly higher

per core, it is very very cheap

@dirtycommo what do you use through scaleway. an object storage I assume?

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@Drew not someone who can help unfortunately, but would this instance be a general yt competitor or have a specific topic?

@melodicake It would start with a specific topic (leftist stuff mostly), but eventually I would like to branch it out to a general YT competitor

@Drew cant wait to see it, thanks for the answer!


@framasky has a salt recipe for automatic installation of a peertube instance if I'm not mistaken...

You’re welcome 🙂
Ask me if you have troubles using my recipe 😉

@Drew Will we able to upload existing documentaries about anarchism and leftist activism? Or is it only for self-made original material?

@Drew 👋 Fullstack dev here. Let me know what I can help with or if we can chat more on slack or other platform.

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