Reminder to not cross the picket line tomorrow and avoid using all rideshare apps. Help out workers in their struggle for fair pay!!

tempted to take an actual, honest-to-god cab just as a fuck-you to the ride-sharing companies

@anomaly @Drew Why not just do it? Lyft started as competition to Uber, and Uber started as an attempt to stop taxi workers from unionizing (which was largely successful, unfortunately, as the unionization uptick stopped), so why not use actual cabs?

@KitsuneAlicia @Drew mostly because I don't usually need to take cabs/uber/lyft except on rare occasions, so it would probably be an unnecessary expense

@Drew Guess tomorrow i am going to be stuck in my apartment all day, or at least not able to go too far.

It is amazing how dependent I have to be on these rideshare services because of how pathetic NJ is with public transportation.

(image description, or close enough, in lieu of boost)

Uber/Lyft Strike
Wednesday, May 8 2019

Don't cross the picket line!

@varx sorry I didnt add alt text, it was basically just a reiteration of what I typed so I didn't know if it would be useful or not)

@Drew The key thing it had was the date. :-) Technically someone might be able to figure out what "tomorrow" means from the timestamp on your post, but that might be time zone dependent, etc.

I also just never boost an image without an alt description. I have at least one fedifriend who is blind, and I sometimes browse via Lynx (no images, but it shows alt text) so it's important to me to have image descriptions (or at the very least somehow know that the image contains no more info than the text.)

Ok thanks I will change that in the future

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