I'm just so sick of seeing LARPing leftists who stanning dirtbags by saying "all purity tests bad, celebrities need forgiveness too uwu" like the libs that they are.

Purity tests are bad when you use it to push out common people who could become comrades but just haven't educated themselves in leftism or detoxed from internalized bigotry completely.

But if you hold any kind of authority, say as an idol with the attention of thousands of fans? Than you deserve to be put through the most impossible purity tests. Run a take before your friends before poisoning public discourse with it. You can always ask your audience for opinion on a topic you're unfamiliar with.

Don't want that kinda scrutiny and responsibility? Then don't steal power from the people by claiming you have the right opinions when you don't.


How, exactly, do these people think a leftist society work? We pick your favorite leftist, say Kroptokin, then it's Viva Prince Kroptokin? What the fuck are you, Carlists? Jacobites?

No. Direct democracy means total transparency and full accountability. It means that the people can and will take the power back whenever they want, for whatever reasons they want. If you're not up for that, don't prop yourself up as a false prophet.

Ironically, it's these idol worshipers who love purity tests the most, because to them anyone who don't agree with their monarch and savior on everything are automatically not pure enough.

Peter Parker, a teenager created for a Capitalist venture, knows that "with great power comes great responsibilities", and he didn't even asked for his power!

Celebrities who are adult and claim to be leftists and soaked themselves in the clout and money from their fans can at least do that much. It's the very least they can and should do.

Kill your fucking heroes, be your own goddamn heroes, but put on a mask so you don't become mad with the power, so you'll always remember who you are, and who you are meant to fight for: the people.

If you want an example of why a celebrity should be held at the highest standards, just look at the New Atheist community.

Once upon a time, the so-called Atheists or Rationalists or whatever the fuck are relatively politically neutral. Sure, most of them are cis/het/white/men with varying degree of privilege and entitlement, but the movement as a whole, while not socially progressive, is also not nearly as reactionary as it is today.

...Until much of the community bowed down and licked the feet of the likes of Dawkins. At first, he didn't seem so bad; sure saying religion is a disease is mean, but the fundies deserved it right? Just so, the Atheists ignored other warning signs, until New Atheists became so influential they pushed the progressives out of the movement, and most of the online Atheist space became chudholes.

We cannot make the same mistake.

@DissidentKitty im not goign to lie its fucking 2am its not easy for me to read this so i might later i might not even. but. its worth pointing out steve ditko was a utalitarian and wrote basially all of his heroes as symbols of ayn rand and apparently it shows in early spiderman

@skelltan Yeah he is. His "masked avengers", the Question and Mr. A, are naked propaganda machines for Objectivism, which Alan Moore aimed to parody with Rorschach from Watchmen. Of course, incels being incels, they took one look at the self-righteous right-wing fuckwit, enhanced with a lack of human relationships or personal hygiene, and thought to themselves: "He must be the fucking hero."

@DissidentKitty yeah. question is more 'subtle' but mr a was a lot more in your face from what i remember

blue beetle is also a ditko character who is parodied in night owl but idk if he ever did blue beetle as an objectivist, which si the word i was looking for before not utalitarian

@DissidentKitty Great line from the God Emperor of Dune: All Revolutionaries are closet Aristocrats.

Things would be so much better if things just went the way I /we say they should.

Because you can't arrest the wheel of history, only move With it.

@DissidentKitty This is why I have such a problem with the personality cults that people seem to love so much in politics. People are so obsessed with Bernie Sanders or Jeremy Corbyn or whoever (omg he’s like sooooooo left you guys srsly) that they forget it’s not supposed to be about this one person above everyone else.

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