"Fear not the fascist; he is the consummate coward.

Beneath the mask and riot armor, that state-made veneer of power, is a wailing, heaving toddler, told by men far more cynical than he that his tantrum is an expression of mythology and a defense of his birthright.

"He is a weak-willed simpleton, lashing out at enemies that don’t exist, lamenting the loss of a cultural identity that never was, and proclaiming he is besieged despite the fact that he is the only aggressor. He is too dull to compete, too infirm to adapt, and too spoiled to share. He hides his cowardice with chauvinism and racism, twists his entitlement into heroic national narratives, and wages war on reality. He emasculates artists, intimidates teachers, degrades women, and jails journalists: anyone and everyone who would dare hold a mirror to him. He is afraid of the world because he is not strong enough, mentally or emotionally, to survive it. That is why he never met a tyrant he didn’t like and will gleefully serve one: a strong father who will let him take whatever he wants from anyone he wants because in his toddler’s solipsism, everything is rightfully his.

"The state is his nook, his night-light, his favorite blanket, his favorite stuffed bear; an implement to stave off the horrors of the darkness, that long, long night where he would actually have to compete, actually have to participate in dialogue, actually have to compromise, actually be judged by his merits, actually have to find his own path in a complicated world. He lacks the mettle to do any of these things. The only strength he demonstrates is his white-knuckled grip on father’s pantleg.


"If the fascist could be reasoned with, he wouldn’t exist in the first place. But, by word or endeavor, you will let him know that you see through his mask and you see his fear. His shivering, quaking, bowel-voiding fear. He shall be judged.

This Signal Kills Fascists. Repeat the Signal.”

@DissidentKitty "Since, my friend, you have revealed your deepest FEAR: I sentence you to be Exposed, before your Peers! Tear down the Wall!"

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